Lets go flyers!!!

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  1. one heck of a game. i have been a flyers fan since birth.great national coverage on espn classic. i have lost my voice from screaming at the tv. i hope this win will get us in the top 25
  2. another big game coming up on Thursday night. Man what I would give for a sweep of Xavier.

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  4. putting on my red tonight....go Flyers!
  5. i got burgers and brats on the grill and beer on ice. lets go flyers!!
  6. It's an hour and a half before game time, and I'm getting ready by rewatching the first meeting of the season between these two teams. 9pm can't come soon enough. The game is on ESPN2 if anyone reading is interested.
  7. Hey Chubba, glad to see you are still around!!!
    PS Go Flyers, a perfect time for another upset after canning the last couple of games...

  8. I'm good for a post every month or two. When you combine my two loves- Dayton Flyers + Fishing- I have to say something. :D
  9. with the win tonight the flyers went undefeated at home for the 1st time in school history
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  10. We are going to the big show!!!!!!!!