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Let the fishing begin..

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by XL506, Jul 20, 2007.

  1. It's Friday, and those of you who've read my " who wants to go fishing this weekend " post knows that Saturday and Sunday, is " me time " for fishing. So, who wants to buddy up, and relaxe and get a pole in the water, and if all goes well... catch some fish? A couple of you guys, were heading to kiser... Where else if everyone goin? I was thinking GMR, Kiser Lake, and getting some brown trout from the Mad River... Let me know what you guys were thinking, I wouldnt mind meeting up and trying somewhere new.
  2. Well Saterday There is a tournament at alum creek i will be in an that is it. I will be over that way next weekend to do some fishing.Well good luck everyone.

  3. Sounds like fun. What have you been catching out of the GMR, and what have you been using? I've got a itchin' to fillet up a nice Saugeye or 2.
  4. We go alot for cats an carp . The small mouth have been small the numbers are low for the SM. We us black an silver as well as craw colore try a big-o. I have never caught a saugeye out of the river yet. My dad has had some luck with them. I see on other post you fish the mad river this is one river i have never tryed. Is there the same fish as in the miami.
  5. Well, the Mad River has alot of the same species. I've never caught pike, or saugeye from the Mad River though. The Mad River is a quicker running, colder watered river. And holds some very nice trout. When I go to the Mad River I almost always just fish for some big Brown Trout. I've caught a couple 2LB smallies out of the river. And have talked to some guys who were fishing and saw them pull in a couple small channel cats.