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Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Doctor, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Doctor

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    The river is blown out and will be for a week or so, but CJ Brown is open, saw two boats on the lake today, I'll be hitting the North end this weekend, get you some fresh Shad, watch where the Gulls are and they will tell you the location of the Shad, this time of year I like the small ones, 2-4 inches, this is a very active bite so if you don't get a tug in 10 min. keeping moving till you find them and run bobbers or down rigs on the North end, starting 100 yards in front of Goose Island will generally limit you out in 5#-10# Channels and Blues and the occasional 20#er.
    One other thing fish the areas that the wind is blowing to, the worst time to fish on Cj is when the wind is blowing from the North, just have never caught many fish but when it's from the South or Southwest, or Southeast it seems to really fire those cats up on this lake, I'll throw baits right up against the banks during those times I look for an awesome spring bite as the lake was lousy last year because of the installation of the new docks and the lowered water levels, anybody need any help send me a pm and I'll give you spots on the lake.............Doc
  2. JPfishing

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    March 21st, the first full moon. I start catfishing this time every year. I go to kiser lake to the spot me and my friends have fished for the last 6 years and I run into them hard. 5,6,7 lb. channels constantly for hours. Next friday, barring any freak weather march brings us. :mad:

  3. Doc, me , Dink and Mellon have already made tentative plans to be up there following you around...;) Will let you know the specifics as we get closer. Looking forward to actually catching some fish.

  4. H2O Mellon

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    Looks like Sunday, is that better for you? I gotta work for a couple hours on Sat.
  5. neocats1

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    Yep, the dogs are barking. Spencer lake is starting to clear. Gonna hit it this weekend.
  6. well, i wasnt going to go but the GF got called in to work on Sunday so i may be up for going then, Saturday is a definate no for me. you guys taking one boat or two? i havent quite decided what to do or where i am going this weekend.
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    Great timing! I was just wandering what might be happening with the Spring cat bite at CJ when your thread showed up. My wife is out of town with my tow vehicle and won't be back until late Sunday.:( I'll watch this thread to see how you do. I can probably make it on Monday or Tuesday if the weather cooperates. I wish you all good luck.:)
  8. Flathead King 06

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    hitting it just right this year.... my spring break starts monday, so Im going to be out trying to find them around the banks..... have to make a few calls to see about getting out on the lake but it's definitely getting that time
  9. firecat

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    I am planning on being out Sunday but not until the afternoon. Sometime after church.

  10. Go get them guys.The spring bite is just starting.
  11. is there any good spot to net shad there this time of year?
  12. Doctor

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    If the sun is up and bright the marina is a hot ticket, there are two underwater springs in that marina that really pull those Shad in there again the gulls will be in there thick, divebombing on them, the steel walls at the launch ramp is another good spot, throw the net count to two and pull back, a 4 count and you drape your net on the big boulders that are along the base of the walls. In a boat they will be in the North end thick..........Doc
  13. appreciate the info,will be there around noon-1 tomorrow. 17' sea nymph with a 40 evinrude-2 of us.hope to see you and catch some fish!
  14. Not going tp be able to make it out this weekend but I have a 3 dayer next weekend so i am going somewhere in search of the big boys;)