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Let it go Steelers fans

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by Lundy, Jan 26, 2005.

  1. Lundy

    Lundy Staff Member

    I have a lot of customers that I talk to every week in Pittsburgh, and as you might imagine they are all big Steelers fans.

    They are not taking last weeks defeat to New England very well at all. They keep saying things like, "we played terrible", "Cower can't win the big one", "we're a better team tha NE", "We'll win it all next year for sure".

    The worst part to me is now that they all are saying that NE will kill Philly. They say NE will win by 21 points. They are somehow saying that they are the SECOND (should be first) best team in football.

    I was able to get them to make a few wagers. I have 3 guys that gave me philly and 15 points, another gave me Philly and 21. You got to love Steeler fans :D

    Let it go Steelers, You are one of the top 3-4 teams in football, be happy.

    Philly - 16
    NE -13
  2. As a Steelers fan I said the Patriots would go all the way since the beginning of the season. I work around allot of Steeler fans and we all thought the Patriots were the better team and was happy to make it to the playoffs with a rookie QB. I don't know what kind of morons your dealing with but I'd like all of those big point bets I can get. I wouldn't give Browns that many points during the regular season. The Patriots are known for scoring low and winning, most times lucky to have 21 points total. Your customers sound like they don't know anything about football or betting. What are you selling them, lithium ? :confused: ;) It should be a good game but the Pats are definately the best team by quite a bit but they're normally not big scorers.

  3. Hook N Book

    Hook N Book The Original Hot Rod Staff Member

    Dropping Forty one points on the #1 ranked defense in the league and they're not considered to be a high scoring team??? I see your point Lundy. :D
    Man, I sure wish I could find a bet like that. Wow!
  4. I really have not heard the few fans around here claiming that they blew it. But I am sure it is a tough pill to swallow since they beat them in the regular season. And I do remember as an Indian fan that I said similar statements when my Indians gave it away to the Marlins. However, I still feel that the Indians were a good enough team to win that one. I can really view this situation (Steelers vs. Pats) from a non-bias standpoint. I have to say that I don't feel the same way about Pittsburgh being the better team. It seemed pretty clear to me that the Pats were the better team. I guess we just have to give the Squealer fans a bit of time for healing.;) And as for them doing it next year, it is not like the AFC is losing the rest of the powerhouses. I imagine they will have the Pats to battle again next year as I don't think they have much to contend with in signings or retirements. Then you have the Colts. And don't forget the Jets whom the Steelers squeaked one out on.;) There are plenty of good teams out there and if Pittsburgh is lucky by the end of the season they will be one of them.:D
  5. Oh by the way, I am sticking with my end of the season pick. I will say the Pats 24-17. That should more than cover the spread for you too Lundy.:D
  6. You mean you've actually heard Steeler fans saying that the Steeler's are better than the Pats? Just kidding,I hear that from a few Steeler fans in denial also.I wonder if they thought that last drive down the field for a Steeler's touchdown was all Big Ben's heroics again,NE gave that to them,as I recall,they only had 2 guys on the line to pass rush.Regardless of the records,or final placings,Pittsburgh was no better than the fourth best team in the AFC this year,and it won't even be that good next year.I think NE showed the rest of the AFC how to expose Mr.All-World for what he is-AVERAGE.Can you believe all the Steeler rhetoric we're hearing,Ben's the greatest rookie QB of all time(even though he chokes in big games),Hinz Ward is the greatest receiver of all time(even though he's never won nothing),Cowher is the greatest coach(no ring),and so on,and so on.Brown's fans at least,live within the realms of reality.
  7. How can Pittsburgh be only the 4th best team in the AFC. I know that they didn't play the Colts but they beat the Jets and then lost to the Patroits. With the way the playoffs were seeded, Pittsburgh was playing New England for the AFC championship. And they did get beat by the better team.
    Next year will be interesting, especially if Bettis retires and they lose Burris. But that is next year, and this year Pittsburgh was #2 in the AFC!
  8. catking

    catking Banned

    New England score 437 points in the NFL this year, which is fourth best. THE CATKING :) This is in referance to Actions comment about the Pats scoring low and winning ;)
  9. How many of those points were defensive or easy scores set up by the defense. Alll I'm saying is the Patriots expect to win anytime they hit double digit scoring. A great defensive plan usually wins out in the big games.
    While their scoring is up this year they're still not known as an explosive offense. I didn't see their offense march down the field and score 41 on the Steelers defense, I seen the Pats defense make most of that scoring possible. That's just how I saw it, everybody sees things differently.