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less rabbits as past years?

Discussion in 'Small Game Hunting' started by ohihunter2014, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. I was out all last weekend for muzzleloader and didn't see one rabbit track in the snow. You guys noticing there aren't very many rabbits around anymore? Coyotes, hawks the issue? I used to love flushing a rabbit from a briar patch but deer hunting put that to the side but I'm tagged out this year and nothing to do but don't want to go shooting rabbits if the population is low. I'm lorain county guy.
  2. Muddy


    There are lots of rabbits on my place in Central Ohio. I've seen a bunch all year. There are tracks everywhere in the snow. I am getting trail cam photos of them all night long. They are eating my tree seedlings, especially oaks. I'm about ready to kill a few.

  3. I would be willing to help eliminate a few of those pesky critters,I haven't had hosenphefer in a few years Just offering
  4. Coyotes and hawks are not the problem, its cover and food. Almost all the farms around me have pulled out all the fence rows and grassy waterways. Two farms I used to deer hunt that had some woods were completely devoid of rabbits. A nursery I rabbit hunt has lots of weeds, clover, grass, cover provided by the nursery stock and rabbits. The hunting peaked a few years ago when the stock got overgrown and weeds got bad because of the recession. Now that it is getting cleaned up again the population is dropping some. If there is a major rabbit predator other than us it would be cats. Coyotes a hawks kill to eat and they don't get that many, cats kill just to do it.
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  5. I agree 100% with Troy Dave. I haven’t bunny hunted hard this year compared to years past but I would have to say that the population is healthy in our area.
  6. Rabbit populations peak and then drop in cycles example when the Snowshoe hares peak the Canada Lynx has more kittens when the population crashes the Lynx will have fewer or no kittens