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    Big, big, big, big, big news out of the UFC today.

    #1.) Couture is back!

    #2.) Lesnar gets a title shot!

    This is huge. It's amazaing to see Lesnar get a title shot after just 3 pro fights. The crazy thing..... I think he has a chance to beat Couture!
  2. That will be a crazy fight. Don't count Couture out yet, crafty (mean!!!) veteran. Will be a great fight, Lesnar is a beast.;)

  3. Lesnar getting a title shot is nothing more than a PR stunt, he should have stayed in pro wrestling where he belongs.....could not make it in the NFL and now this??? I hope he gets beat down hard.
  4. Gay!Why would Lesnar get a title shot.He's 1-1 in the UFC.He is not a #1 contender.What about Big Nog and Mir.There fighting later this year for the freakin interim heavyweight belt.I think its a big joke.They're gonna have a unification title fight.

    What a freakin soap opera.

    I miss Pride Fighting and Face Stomps
  5. lesnar is a no talent pirate...just like kimbo slice...
  6. shamrock will beat kimbo in october. kimbo is too big to fight on his back.
  7. kimbo just like lesnar is gonna catch a beat down. lesnar is a bum randy is gonna break his neck in 5 places.
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    lol. You guys a are nuts. Don't even try to compare Lesnar and Slice. :confused: Lesnar is a NCAA Champion.
  9. so that means he can fight in the UFC too?:confused:
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    Well.... in his case, Yes. ;) Are you saying he can't fight in the UFC? :confused:

    I'm saying that you can't compare Lesnar and Slice. You lumped them together, I didn't. :p
  11. They both have a ways to go but Kimbo's coach is Bas Rutten,Thats a step in the right direction.I think Lesnar is gonna be a huge threat in the UFC but I don't think he deserves a title shot right now.
    He got kneebarred by Mir and he won a decision over Heath Herring????Who hasn't won a decision over Heath Herring???He hasn't beat anyone that good yet.I still wanna see Lesnar vs Coleman.
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    Can't argue w/ you about the quick title fight. As nuts as it sounds I do think he has a legit chance to surprise Couture though. With that said, he still has a long way to go.I do think he's much more polished than Slice.
  13. Yea.Couture is def beatable.Lesnar is and amazing/fast/powerful wrestler,but I think thats all he is.But I gotta say neither Lesnar or Kimbo are polished at all as mixed martial artists.I mean look at the Lesnar v Herring fight.Lesnar beat the crap out of him for 15 minutes but he couldn't put him away.Couture has alot more in his arsenal than just wrestling.It should be an interesting fight.But I think if Couture plays it smart there shouldn't any reason why he coldn't beat Lesnar.

    And on the Kimbo subject.He ain't that good.He's beat a bunch of no names and has beens.I wish they would put him against a good ground fighter thats not washed up.Because he would get whupped on if he fought a wrestler or a BJJ guy
  14. I for one cant wait for this fight..yeah its way to early for lesnar to get a title fight but i still think lesnar has a chance, unlike kimbo lesnar is more then one demitonal ...i cant wait to watch kimbo tap AGAIN when he fights shamrock
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    If Kimbo go down, Elite is don for. I mean lets face it their Heavyweight Champ is suspended, Kimbo is a You Tube Street Fighter and not a MMA guy, that whole originzation is in trouble, at least I think so.
  16. Randy is a Legend! Lesnar is a Beast! Kimbo is a Tool!

    This is going to be a super fight between Couture & Lesnar. I agree that Couture is a crafty veteran that can endure, but I think Lesnar will prove to be far to powerful for Randy and should be able to out wrestle Randy with no problems. The only way I see Randy winning this fight if by submission in the same manner a Frank Mir. Standing/Wrestling with Lesnar is a bad move; he is way to big and strong.

    The title picture is this. Couture was never stripped of the title during the legal battle. So Lesnar vs. Coture is a title fight.

    Nogueria capture the interim title to act as champion while Couture was out (similar to the BJ Penn/Sean Sherk situation earlier this year.)

    Nogueria and Frank Mir are coaching this season's Ultimate Fighter Show and they will fight at the next UFC PPV following the Couture/Lesnar PPV for the interim title.

    Then in early 2009, the winner of Couture/Lesnar and the winner of Nogueria/Mir will face off to unify the UFC Heavyweight title!