"Legendary" CJ keeper Perch 8/9/2008

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    Well I went out today in search of some nice Gills and the supposed* "Legendary keeper" CJ perch. I worked shallow weed pockets on the northwest side of the lake. These have been great producers of good Gills, Crappies and Perch. I got into some nice ones today. I caught 4 keeper perch almost immediately. One came unbuttoned at the boat and it was 3 inches bigger than the 11 incher in the pictures. I kept 10 gills; 6 of which were 9 inches and the rest over 8. I released about 20 more Gills that size. I did not hit any crappies today or small perch. Rest assured the keeper perch are in the lake, they just aren't found where everyone Walleye fishes.
  2. I knew it!! Nice fish. I had started a thread a few weeks ago about where all the keeper perch were at a CJ. Have caught a bunch of small ones but never a "keeper". Again nice fish and with your pics we all know now that they are in there. Thanks.....Dan

  3. is CJ = CJ Brown Lake?
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    Well now, that is very cool. They had to be there but this is the first time I've actually seen big Perch from C.J. in all these years. I've caught lots of those big Bluegills but the Perch are something else entirely. Nice job.

    See you out there.

  5. Nice fish. What did you catch them on?
  6. very nice! I might have to give CJ another try, been there twice with little luck. What kind of bait?

    Phil, yes it is CJ Brown, i believe.
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    I caught them using 1/16th black and purple northland weed weasel jigs (weedless) with a very small leech. I would drop it into the pockets and slowly lift up to about a foot off the bottom. They would hit it hard.
  8. Those are deffintley keeper pearch.Nice job and thanks for the post.
  9. Great info to know ... now have something different to look for @ CJ:)
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    cool glad ya took pics!!! Nice job where are the gills ;)
  11. nice fish .i have been fishing cj for 20 plus years and never seen perch like tha . i have been catching a lot of nice walleyes this year
  12. nice fish, good job, used to see nice perch like that up in mich, fishing with my friend up there