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  1. I was talking to a couple yesterday at a local lake about Leesville Lake. I have always heard of good fishing reports coming from Leesville, but for some reason was under the impression you couldn't do much fishing without a boat. they informed me that there is ample short fishing available though, so Im interested in taking a trip down sometime here in the near future. Anyone have any good specific areas where fishing from shore would be good? Im not too specific on what Im targeting... although I'd like to catch some Bass or crappie... or anything other than Bluegill basically.

  2. Just fished Leesville today,8/24/08.Got 1 LM at 1lbs.,5ozs. My son got one LM at 3lbs.Caught 6 altogether.Others we're around a pound or less.All we're caught on pumpkin and june bug colored finesse worms in about 2 feet of water.All on fallen timber north of the dam.Front moved in and the bite quit.Fished from noon until about 6pm.3 pounder not bad for there as hot as it was.We we're in a boat.Not sure about shore fishing.Dam area has quite a bit of shore to fish from but not sure how the fishing that area is from shore.