leesville turnover

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  1. las time i was there the end by the damn was turning over, anyone know if the other end is yet?
  2. We were there yesterday and it didn't look like it was turning over. Didn't see a fish all day.

  3. thanks for the info. tryn to make it out this week. will post results. last 2 consecutive trips lost 2 monsters. we need some revenge.
  4. Its been hit or miss for us. Thursday I got a 40 and lost a bigger fish and then Saturday fished 8 hours without seeing one.
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    A buddy & I went on Saturday as well. He ended up losing a muskie at boatside when it stoll the trailer hook off his spinnerbait. About an hour later we ended up picking one up short line trolling from spot to spot. Other than the two hook ups, we didn't have any other strikes or follows. Can't complain though.

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    This was the first time I had been to Leesville since the Summer of 2006. Based on the color and cloudiness of the water, I thought it looked like turnover? I plan on returning as soon as I bag a deer.