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  1. Hey guys, I'm going to be heading down to Leesville Lake to stay at my uncles cabin for a few days. I plan on being on the lake at around 6am and probably fish the majority of the day for the time I'm down there. He tells me theres not a lot of shoreline cover aside from lily pads, and he tells me it's full of weeds. With that in mind, All I've ever really done was crank and flip, and this lake doesn't seem to have any places aside from the weeds to do that, and I've never fished weeds, so I need to find a way to catch bass there. Any advice would be great, or anything personal you can share in a message to me would also be great. My uncle said the way I fish I probably won't catch many fish because of the scarcity of shoreline cover (he doesn't fish the lake unless he has visitors, so he knows the shorelines well, but not any honeyholes or how to fish weeds or anything of that nature).

    I figured naturally the topwater bite in the early morning will be where I get a lot of fish, but its the time when the sun comes up that has me worried I'll get :S So also any help on where I should consider topwatering would be great also. Thanks again.
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    Everyone has there own techniques and I haven't fished Leesville for a couple years, but for weeds I like to Texas rig a 4" or 5" finesse worm on an Owner Ultra Head Bullet Head Jig:

    A also like to use a double willow spinnerbait (white) and slow roll or rip it through the weeds. Good luck!


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    I agree w/ Buick. If those aren't working just try to vary the colors.
  4. Thanks for the input. I have a few other things I'd like to ask. I was reading on here and someone said that because of people who live around the lake complaining, about 15 yards all the way around the shore is weed free, the question I have is, is that inside weed line created by the weeds being removed something I should focus on? Another thing, is I was reading on here and someone said the outside weedlines aren't too defined, so my question is, do I find a weedbed, and just hop my bait through it in hopes of landing in a hole in the weeds with potential fish, or do I actually attempt to work the outside weedline, if I do manage to find it? Last thing is, from what I hear theirs a ridiculous amount of lily pads here, which would be the most productive areas to try hitting them with an arsenal of baits? Up towards the boyscout camps, or past Clows Marina? And which side provides the better weed fishing. Thanks again, dont' mean to ask so much, but I'm one of those people who if I'm not catching fish I'm not having fun, I know that's a bad way to look at it and I should enjoying the time on the lake, but I dunno, I'm not like that :p I forgot to add I'll be launching at the ramp by the dam.
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    Its been some time since I fished Leesville.I used too put in at Petersburg an going toward the dam theres a bay on the right that has a cross up on the bank.Maybe a church camp any way that bay was always good years back.4 in worms an small white or chartreuse spinnerbaits.Don
  6. the weeds arent as heavy as years past and most lillypads will be found in the bays mostly towards petersburg i recomend fishing out of clows marina and throwing crankbaits along the rocks at the dam once the sun comes up. for early in the morning try a texas rigged worm along the shoreline also there is plenty of wood to fish there are tree's laying half submerged scattered all over the lake just look around you'll see them when you do find weeds you'll definately bee able to see the inside and outside edges un less the water is incredibly stained . but for the most part leesville is rather clear and visibility ranges from 2 to 4 feet so seeing the weeds shouldnt be a problem. try fishing pig and jigs in the fallen trees you see scattered along the shore line also spinnerbaits and crank baits work well . i prefer hot n tots here in shad or chrome blue or chrome black pattern. im must warn you though watch out for the muskies catching one while fishing for bass here at leesville is a distinct possibillity so dont rule it out. ive caught a slew of them around 25 to 30 inches and have had 2 or 3 really big one follow my baits back to the boat. think of it as an added bonus. good luck and have fun.;)
  7. haha, yeah that would be a rush watching a muskie come out and hit my lure, not to mention the fight that would follow. Thanks for the tips, yea I remember all the fallen wood, just worried about the water depth cuz last time I remember, the shorelines are real shallow, which is good in the morning, but when the sun comes out, that's what I'm kinda going to have to resort to lily pads or finding the weeds.