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  1. anyone got any ideas, or know when leesville will be ice fishable? also anyone here have any good tactics targeting ice muskie at leesville? I saw an in-fisherman about ice pike and got me to thinking....thanks in advance.
  2. Muskies and pike act completely different under the ice. They do feed voraciously while the temps are falling. However, once the muskie's metabolism slows down with the stabilized, extremely cold water temp, they typically become relatively lethargic. Larger pike become more active than during the warm water period. I'm not saying you couldn't catch one through the ice-because it does happen. You might just spend a LOT of time trying to do it. You may have the same or better chance catching one by accident while fishing for saugeye at Leesville. Good luck, Gabe :B

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    Ditto. Saugeye fishing can produce them, just ask Fishing Marshall. My buddy Mike and Fishing Marshall have caught quite a few toothy guys at leesville while saugeye fishing. My guess is, during winter months, wherever the saugeye are concentrated is exactly where the baitfish are located. Hence, an opportunistic ski is probably somewhere nearby ;) Its definately worth a shot anyway you approach it. Pulling a musky through the ice would be sweeeeet.
  4. good deal thanks, any ideas when the ice is safe out there?