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Leesville, Clendening or Piedmont?

Discussion in 'Southeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Bass assasin, Aug 9, 2007.

  1. if you had to choose one to fish this weekend for bass which one would it be?
  2. My chice would be Piedmont. Lot of grass to fish along with lay-downs! Lots of deep water for the smallies to hide in also!!! Very pretty lake to boot!!!!:B

  3. clendening there has been nice bass caught there. 5+ lbs:) :) :) :)


    If you go during the day I would not choose Piedmont because of the clear water. Fish will likely be very deep and on a dawn dusk bite. Tons of other boaters fishing.

    I would pick Clendenning. Less fishing pressure. Stained water should have a better shallow bite. Good population of big bass. No muskies.:D

    Havent fished Leesville.

    Regardless of the lake check with the marina to see if any bass tournaments are scheduled.