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    Leesville and Atwood flooding
    Just got back from a Tuscarawas County Emergency Management Agency Briefing, It was stated that Both Atwood and Leesville Lakes will be going to a Pool of record
    Also many roads leading to these lakes via St.Rt. 77, Rt. 800, St. Rt. 212 and many of the township roads will be under water. As the level behind the Dover Dam will be near or over the current pool of record (2005) I wouldn't expect the lake levels to be lowered any time soon. River fishing will also be dangerous as the Tuscarawas, stillwater and others are running full and muddy.
    Last Sat. I stopped at Saltfork lake and it was also High and Muddy
    Road Closure Phone # is 330-339-7838 for Tusc. county. Just so you know!
  2. I had to drive through a foot of water on 39 in Dellroy. Atwood is way backed up and it looked like they were going to close the road at anytime. There was a guy in a boat trolling Leesville yesterday, the ramp was completely under water. This water needs to go away, its messing up the best pike bite of the year on the Tusc.

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    Thanks for the info! As much as I like water, this is a little too much! I was hoping to hit Salt Fork this weekend since the river is messed up, hope it's not too muddy. Come on, sunshine!
  5. we need more flood control lakes to take care of the flooding and that will make more lakes for fishing:D :D :D
  6. i live right in the erea and it is a mess!!! roads closed everywhere!!!looking real bad!!! going to get worse over the next week...wont be fishing around here for a while!!!