Leesville 10/19/08

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    Managed to make to Leesville sunday night for 3 hours. Didnt plan on much activity or cooperation from the muskies. Man was I wrong. When I arrived at the boat ramp I was disappointed that the lake was turning over so I headed for the shallower water at the south end of the lake. Fished for an hour or so throwing various lures with no luck. So I pulled out a new suick 9" non-weighted that I have not used yet. The next two hours I managed to hook 5 fish all in the mid 30" range. I did manage to get 2 in the boat a 34, and a 36. Needless to say it was a very enjoyable evening on the water. The fish were holding in very shallow water in isolated weed pockets. I was casting in those pockets up to ten times in the same spot to get those fish to eat the bait. Water temps 62-63 and stained . Main lake is turning over . Hope all the info helps.
  2. Way to go Aaron. I bet that was fun. I really wanted to get out last week but wasn't able to. Full moon with moon rise and sunset close together should have been a good evening bite. Managed to get out Saturday morning for three hours with no luck.

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    Ahh yes, the suick, an old classic! The best part about em is that muskies scar them up really good! My buddy who's on the forum, 1roofmusky, has an orange suick with black spots nicknamed "warhero". The lure looks like it's been a doberman's chew toy.

    Great job on finding fish! It's always a tough call in those conditions!
  4. Great report, Aaron.

    I have an old black Suick hanging in my garage which has accounted for at least 30 to 40 muskies over many years. I had repainted it with black spray paint at least 3 or 4 times and it was still running up until I started building baits.

    Great design, although the Suick does take some practice when you first try it.
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    Hey Vince I am trying to make it up to w.b. at least one more time this year. Probably gonna wait to after turnover is done . If you would like to go let me know. Heading back down to Leesville tonight. I will give a report when I get home . I am hoping to report on a 50" fish. I hope that cold front and heavy winds will convince a hawg to eat my suick.