Leesvile remains my favorite lake

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  1. Got the morning off to go to Leesville again, went with striper4life, even though i dont know if he has ever caught one, anyway, he works for his dads company and i have my own business so for about the fifith week in a row we have made it to Leesville once a week from 6am until 11am on a random weekday. As of today we are still batting a thousand. One fish each day in the boat all with succesful releases. Phil will be putting his picture up with it, we never get a weigh or measure cuz i seem just to want to get them back asap. Water temp today 71, hit her at about 830am trolling. Hey Madmac, my luck at west branch however is non existent this year, have you been out there recently and anything workin for ya? Good luck gentleman
  2. Magnus, I haven't been out for two weeks. I'm riding an 0 for 4 streak right now but that will change tomorrow morning. For the better I hope. I talked to a few people at the ramps while being skunked those last few times and the only success seemed to be casting shallow 10' or less.

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    We got one fish from WB casting last Thursday morning, little 34 incher on a 9 inch kick'n minnow. No rips, no nothing trolling.
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    Per the MAL, Leesvile has got the #'s. I wish I lived closer to it.

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    My dad and I went to Leesville tuesday night for 3 hours or so. I got a 34 on a magnum bulldawg and my dad caught a 34 on a blue shad sisson boatside and he also raised a low 40 inch fish shortly after I caught my fish. Went down yesterday and bass fished til 530 then started musky fishing. Didnt even raise a fish. These blue bird skies have got the fishing screwed up. As soon as we can get a couple of overcast days I expect the musky fishing to get very good. Hopefully.
  6. I got out to WB @ 0845 and my brother joined me @ 1000. We mostly trolled from 20' and up. Tried to bang some lures on the shallower humps. We casted for a while in J lake too. No skies but he got a nice wiper that saved the trip.

  7. Thats a nice fish Steve. I am thinking bout getting a casting set up, anyone recommend anything and where? I put those couple pics up in a new topic too. GO BROWNS
  8. Saw your pics Mangus. Nice. I got a 38" this morning just before the sunrise Where we met the first time. That was the only hit. I trolled today. No casting.