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  1. well, with the price of ammo going thru the roof i have decided to try my hand at re-loading. lee precision has what appears to be a great starter unit on their web sight for $149.00, looks like it comes with everything but the dies and case sizing gauge.

    anyone have experience with lee? seems they have been around for quite awhile but no dealers in the columbus area.
  2. What are you reloading? Shotgun, pistol, rifle ?

  3. several calibers of pistol and several rifle
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    Make sure the press you are looking at does both rifle and pistol. Some will only load pistol while others do both. Lee makes a good re-loader and it sounds like a decent deal. You will also need a case trimmer if you do rifle.
    Good luck.
  5. I have one and have put a bunch of rounds through it. The one problem I have found is that if you use the automatic powder feed a lot of time is does not want to drop the powder, you have to watch it very close.