ledge lake and judges lake?

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  1. hey guys. i was wondering if you guys could give me the location of these lakes....and how they are..

    thanks, mike
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    I haven't been to judge's or ledge for about a month... with the price of gas I've been hitting more local places. But I know they both have fish in them. I've caught a few nice trout out of Judge's. They are generally much more lightly populated than hinckley lake itself. I'm not too sure about ledge... actually the last time I was tehre there was still ice on it. I do know that they stock judge's but not too much and they do it in the fall. So fish in there now have wintered there. A good place to fish there is near the culvert on the north end. There is a little dock there to fish off of also. We've watched a lot of fish come up to the surface and go for bugs on the south end but never really gotten them to bite. The north end is also much deeper. I actually talked to a guy there once who said he has caught a few steelhead out of there and was out with his noodlerod when I saw him. When we fished out of there, we were catching the trout on panther martins (spinners). We haven't tried any minnows or maggots/wax worms but there are lots of little bluegill in there.

    How to get there... I'm not sure where you're coming from! I'll give you directions from I-77. You should be able to use google maps to find any additional directions...

    I-77 Take the Richfield/176 exit
    Head west on wheatly road.
    After a big intersection with a light and some big building on the corner (forgot what it is) the road bends a bit and then there's going to be just a random residential road called Hawkin's road. Turn left onto it, it will eventually turn into Bellus Rd.
    Go for a bit on Hawkins/Bellus and you will come to a stop sign at a larger intersection at State Rd (after medina-line rd, only other one where it's only a 2-way instead of a 4-way stop.) Turn left on state.
    Go all the way through Hinckley Reservation to Ledge Rd. If you turn right you will get to Ledge Lake. The entrance is on your right and well marked with a park sign. If you turn left you will get to Judge's Lake. This one is marked, but kinda pops up real quick over a hill, but you'll see it if you miss it. Haha... done that a few times when we first went out there.

    There are more direct ways to get there, but that gives you a lot of rds to work with depending on which direction you are coming from. If you go to maps.google.com and search for Hinckley Reservation you can see how state rd kinda divides the park. On the southern end of the park on the west side is Ledge Lake and on the east side is Judge's Lake.

    So... hope that helped!

  3. wow, thank you a lot! that really did help, thanks...