ledge, judge, hinckley, where else?

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  1. last night i went up to judges lake and ledge lake.....wow, judges lake is a mess, its covered with some green slimy algae crap on the surface, i did see a large catfish or something swimming around shore..... ledge lake had some crap on it too...there was a lot jumping, but i didn't get anything at either..and hinckley isnt all that well.....so does anyone have anywhere sneaky ponds or anything like that? anywhere else that has some good fishing?
  2. I have been wondering the same thing...I live in Middleburg Heights and am really frustrated at the lack of fishing spots near here :(

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    I'm in Broadview Hts. Hinckley has never been kind to me, although it is the closest. As of last year, I usually end up taking the trip down to Mogadore or Nimsilia.
  4. Finally found a good spot in the metroparks today, its called the Ford...its an area of the rocky river just past lorain road (you actually go under it) and I pulled in a 4 lb small mouth bass today, and had another hooked till just before I got it up :( but had a blast! going back tomorrow and gonna try to get some
  5. really? how do you get there/where at?
  6. hey, don't give up on hinckley too fast.
    my buddy has a 5 lb 8 oz. largemouth on his wall from last summer near the pine tree area. there are honestly some massive bass in that lake. i met a guy down there two weeks ago who showed me 3 largemouth bass EACH OVER FIVE POUNDS (he had a scale) that he caught that day. there are some incredible spots at Hinckley Lake that only a couple people fish.
  7. I've done real well at Judges and Ledge for bass. Did see a huge grass carp the other day. I went Sunday - a lot of scum. Went Monday, very little scum. I've caught some big bass there on the scum with a frog, and done well from the edges with a senko. Bass at Judges I have caught are on average bigger than those at ledge, but I've caught many more at ledge. A friend caught a 16 incher at Ledge yesterday morning, though. Biggest size I've seen from there. Good luck!

    Thanks for the Hinckley post peteavsurace - I will try there again. I gave up on it last year after not catching anything. I was wondering if it was worth taking my rowboat down there and putting in. Maybe I'll give it a shot again.