Lebron resigning

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  1. It would cement LeBron has Cleveland fans' all-time favorite athlete. Ahead of Jim Brown, ahead of Bob Feller.

  2. i believe he will stay. but Jay-Z have deep enough pockets to offer him a contract with the nets
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    Deep pockets have nothing to do with it. Cavs can offer him the most money, you think Dan Gilbert is gonna try to lowball him? He deservers to be paid like the best player in the league. I think he'll stay in C-town too! It would be great if he did it after this season, that would crush the NY fans.
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    I see him resigning if we win the the championship this year.
  5. I hope he re-signs. He is too young to resign.
  6. I agree that Gilbert will NOT be outbid. The only reason for LeBron to leave would be if he flat out wanted to go somewhere else.
    I think he'll stay, because the Cavs have done one heck of a job of surrounding him with teammates who will be Championship contenders for years. This team is FOR REAL!!
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    Oh, he'll re-sign. And all those free agents will be beating the doors down at the Q, to come play with him. His olympic team buddies that will be free agents in the next couple years will be foaming at the mouth to get there. You think Bosh is happy in Toronto? Think he wants to be like KG at Minnesota for all those years? What about Prince from Detroit? Anthony from Denver? Even Wade from Miami? Somebody is coming to Cleveland. May have to move a current starter to the bench, like the Lakers did Odems, but coming off the bench isn't what it used to be. Ask Boobie? Cavs have a 9 man rotation this year, that they use every game. All the better teams have at least that many. Lets go Cavs.
  8. I'd love to see LeBron and Bosh on the Cavs together. That'd be deadly.
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    Ben is getting a couple rookies ready for next season. He may play 2 more seasons himself. Hopefully more. With the way the team is playing now, they may not need outside help for a couple years.
  10. Lebron will stay in Cleveland if things go well the next 2 years. The odds of him signing this offseason is very slim, but not impossible. In my mind, I see him waiting considering the fact that the makeup of the team will be much different in two years then it is right now. Because of this, it gives him leverage in making sure that the team signs the right people which will require spending money and remaining well into the luxury tax. Yes, Gilbert wants to win, but he's also a very savy business man. With that in mind, I see him doing everything possible to keep Lebron, but once he has him, I see him as being less loose with his spending in regards to being into the luxury tax so it makes sense for Lebron to wait and make sure that he keeps spending. This is why it is so important that Lebron waits until the free agent class of 2010 because he'll have a lot of leverage to say "sign who I want otherwise I'll bolt". I can't see him leaving for New York considering he LOVES the fact that "he's the franchise" in Cleveland, and NOBODY will ever "be the franchise" in New York. They may be the "face of the franchise" in New York, but that's about it.

    I see the free agent class shaping up as follows (they are listed in order of value):

    Wade - Why leave the Heat? - he has no raeson to leave - they can give him the most $; it's a solid market; great weather; has already won a championship with them; they have treated him extremey well
    Bosh - ????? - he is the biggest question mark. He could end up anywhere including Cleveland. In my mind, he is the 2nd best fit for the Cavs.
    Carmello - I see him in Detroit for a lot of reasons, but regardless, he plays the same position as Lebron, and I wouldn't want him anyways
    Stoudamire - this guy is loaded with talent, but you'll never win a championship with him. He plays no defense and he is me-me-me-me!!!!
    Johnson - unfortunately, he'll most likely stay in Atlanta based on the fact that he really wants to be a "#1 guy" when in fact he's best suited as a 2nd option. He's the guy that I would LOVE to see paired with Lebron. He can handle the ball, shoot it from the outside, and he's a big guard that can defend multiple positions.
    Boozer - who cares??? His ego is a lot greater than his talent. He's a 3rd option on a championship team. He'll end up going to the highest bidder.
    Nash - we don't need him with Mo Williams. I see him going to New York for less money to rejoin D'Antonio because he thrives in that style, and he'll make up his loss in contract $ with marketing incentives.
    Ginobili - I see him leaving San Antonio considering everyone is aging. Head could go to a contender like LA or possibly even Cleveland for around 10 mil a year
    Chandler - I see him wanting to stay in New Orleans, but will they have the cap space to sign him? New Orleans is not the kind of market that can thrive being over the cap, and they will be well over it if they keep their primary players. He could end up in Cleveland, but only if we lose out on other guys.
    Haslem - I would love him in a Cavs uniform, and he could come at a reasonable price. He's an undersized power forward, but he is a perfect 5th starter on a championship team (ie Miami Heat 2 years ago). He rebounds, plays tough D, makes a 15 footer, and does the intangibles.

    Well, there's my opion for what it's worth.
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