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    Heading out Fri. mouring for lake nippsing canada. Didn't know until last minute if it was going to happen. Buddy has kidney stones I have had some gallblader trouble and brother in law had some trouble. But everything OK now and I'm fired up look out walleye here I come. It is just great to be away from work for awhile. There's something about being up there that makes me forget about all the jerks at work at least for a week. I will post results when I get back. Wally
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    Good Luck up north...nothing like a week in the great white north to forget about the real world!! Tight Lines!!

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    I'll be up to!
    Going for mainly pike though-I'll have a report when I get back
  5. I just got back from the Nippising area. Lake Muskosung was slow. I fished for 4 days with minimal success. Five pike in the 20"-24" range, a few nice smallmouth, a few decent largemouth, small perch were all I caught untill I went to a local private lake and asked permission. In just a half a day, I caught 6 decent pike and a HUGE walleye 25". All c&r. Something HUGE got off after a few minute fight. I couldn't manage to get it near the surface to get a look at it. By the way it fought, I would say it was another big walleye.

    Oh, I managed to get a large sunfish to hit on a big spinnerbait. Got a pic of that one!
  6. I'm also going to Nippissing, in mid-Aug. Looking forward to your reports, w72 & NSOF!