leave ohio..fly to florida and go bassin!!!

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  1. well guys just got back from florida, first off did not miss the ohio weather and florida in december is wonderful...oh yea so is the fishing. it cured some of my winter blues ive already developed since the boat has been parked. only fished in the everglades for one morning while i was there for about 4 hours but caught at least 45 fish. we had five lm over 5lbs and one over 6lbs, along with a whole bunch of 1 and 2 lbrs. we also caught about 20 or so of these things i think they were called sitkills, but they looked like bluegills on steroids they were all fat and about 2lbs -2.5lbs, a real pretty fish. caught a couple cats, 3 gars, couple mudfish, and something really big maybe a snook or tarpin that we only seen a glimpse of and it broke 40 lb braid line. but now its back to bundling up and hittin out for some eyes!!!!
  2. some more pics!
    if anyone gets any cheap skybus tickets to ft lauderdale like i did and wants to fish the everglades let me know i ill give you the number of the guy i went with, very cool guy who knows his way around the swamps

  3. Marshall

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    That s awesome, nice fish. Sounds like a blast, also sounds like you got some weird fish too!(giant bluegill like fish). Nice job.
  4. fishingredhawk

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    Nice bass. Never bass fished in FL, but would like to in the near future.
  5. Phil Carver

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    Man your making me want to pack up and go ! Looks like you had a great trip . If your at the x-mas party , we can get filled in on all the details . :)
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    real nice bass . i know they call bluegill bream down there and they do get very large.
  7. try catchin a snook or tarpon next time....thats on a different level.
    25lb snook on a 2000 shimano with 8lb fireline.
  8. niiiice bass btw....i bet you had a blast.
  9. Ive heard the fish you described and also think they might be called oscars
  10. The fish you caught are actually Tilapia....you missed out on a great meal. They are some of the best fresh water fish to eat. See link below and look at the pics....

  11. Im really fired up now...bad thing is we wont be in Ft. Myers until May:eek:
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    I'll be on Sanibel in March. I've been shopping for guides around the area and they are all pretty expensive.
  13. oh those "bluegills on steroids" as i referred were called SICKLETTS i think so anyways, but i was told they were in the peacock family. and yes i heard they were very tasty, but everything in florida was just for fun, it was our last of 8 days down there, and we followed the fishing trip up with a visit to the ft lauderdale bass pro shops and restaraunt and the igfa fishing hall of fame. just a great end to a really great trip and a pick me up to get me throught the ohio winter!!
  14. Doesnt surprise me one bit...I guess I will have to stick to pier fishing, I heard the new Bass Pro in Ft.Myers is very nice.
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    Want some saltwater action do ya?
    pm me and I'll give ya my buddies # and hook ya up. He's licensed.
  16. RareVos

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    Yeah, fishing the mangroves or flats, etc. Check yer PM's...
  17. I think they are referring to popular aquarium fish called ciclids, pronounced sicklids. I think that oscars are in the ciclid family.
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    Im currently in the Naples area and will be for the foreseeable future...Let me tell you, it's going to be HARD to leave!

    It's been in the Mid 80's for the past three weeks and today something really strange happend...It rained!!!:p

    Joking aside if your going to come down here fish SALTWATER. While those biggun bass may be tempting (nice Piggies btw :) ) EVERYTHING saltwater fights like a Musky. Got a 3lb ladyfish the other day (member of the tarpon family) and it litterally smoked my drag for the 1st 30 seconds, then went airbourne on me 5 or 6 times. Easily outperformed any smallmouth i've ever hooked into...by a longshot.

    And yea..The Ft. Myers Bass Pro is only 10min away, Im already on a 1st name basis with all the cashiers! (j/k j/k j/k) :D
  19. Flyfish Dog

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    Awesome fishs caught there! Just looking at this got me all riled up! Be heading down for a month in Feb. with dog, kayak and flyrods in tow. Going to try to get as many species I can get.
  20. The Tilapia is in the ciclid family as well...same w/ the oscars...they both are shapped like a fat bluegill...but the tilapia has closer coloration like a blue gill and are more common in florida then oscars...oh well all still fun to catch.