Leasing Agreement

Discussion in 'Bucks and Does' started by island troller, Nov 21, 2007.

  1. About four of us are about to lease around 200 acres of land for deer hunting.
    Wanted to know what type of agrrement other hunters have had regarding leasing ground from a private owner.
    Should we have some type of written documentation clearing the owner of all safety issue?
    Should the written agreement have a set date for the yearly lease.
    Any thoughts or other suggestions on this would be appreciated because it is both parties first time of doing this. Curious what other hunters have done with leasing.
    Looking at $1000.00 total cost which I think is fair for 200 acres in Southern Ohio.
  2. I,d spend alittle extra and have an attorney draw it up. IMO.

  3. Make sure if your gonna lease land that your party has EXCLUSIVE rights to the land. Nothing worse than paying to hunt, then a few neighbors roll in with signed slips and hunt too.Specify what your group will be hunting, dates, from, to the end of season. Time does not matter, just the all around hunting from when to when. Include an exemption for guests on your part if you plan on anyone extra. Cover your wishes, but respect the landowners wishes too !! Be safe out there. Happy turkey day too !!:p