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    1. pack more clouser minnows.
    2. pack more olive wooly buggers.
    2. it is hard to land a 12 lb fish on a 6 lb test tippet
    3. hooking a steelhead is probably only 1/4 of the job landing one is a big challenge.
    4. steelhead are HUGE..... even bigger in person.
    5. A steelhead can head up a steam so hard they will break you off like you were holding a snoopy rod.
    6. if you don't wake up until 10:00am go fishing tomorrow because you missed the best of it.
    7. once you get one you can not think of anything else. You find yourelf smiling thinking of it when your girlfriend is yamming on about nothing.

    Hooked 3 monster steelhead this morning.....the only reason i know they are monsters is that they lept like bloody sailfish it was incredible. The first i fought for 15 minutes this thing would hold in such fast current i couldn't believe. I got him close enough to net ,leaned down, and he ripped his head to the side and broke off. After about 5 minutes of cursing the sky i threw out again within 10 minutes-> another fish on, this time i had a plan to land him in the shallower he did not agree with my plan and sprinted into the boulder water shredded my leader like it was scotch tape. At this point i am livid but loving every minute of the morning. Throw out ... throw again boom hit like a freight train. This sucker leaps into air and i can just see my face in slow motion--> "Holy S*!t" this thing was HUGE. I wanted it bad , i worked it slow, but this beast was too fierce for words he charged upsteam and held like a boulder i tried to turn him to throw off balance and he just charged on i gave a little slack but was a little too much the fish capitalized charged and snap there goes another.. I was left trembling literally shaking from the experience. that was my last clouser fished another 6 hours only landing 3 smallies. I saw about 8 other fish but they were just playing leaping out of the water and taunting me. None would take a nymph.
  2. With the upper levels of Lake Erie still being close to 60 degrees the fishes metabolic rate still craves protein the bigger the meal the more they will eat "this early in the season". These fish feast upon alwives, large emeral shiners, and shad. With the waters of the tribs still being relativly warm there feed bag is still on. You can land 12# steelies on light tippet, but you have to have enough room and know how to finesse them. Glad you had a good day!

    Tom G.

  3. Sound like you had a day. You now have the sickness.
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    That is so funny...and so cool. That's how it was for me sooooo many yrs ago. They can and will ruin your life if you let them,take it from someone who's been there.
    Sorry 'bout your luck man,you are so screwed now. Your girlfriend will not like this. I've actually broken up w/ girlfriends (yes,that's plural) over steelhead,TC1
  5. Great story! lol - that's how I felt last year when my buddy convinced me to dust off the fly rod that I hadn't touched in 8-10 years.... I had 3 fish that took off like a freight train.. B-dink! gone.
    Since then I've bought a nice SLA Cabela's rod and a vest and.... you get the point.... They are soooo fun and relatively easy to hook BUT landing... they definately don't cooperate! :)
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    Very nice great story...go hook a 20-30 pound salmon then see how you feel. LOL. Glad you got out and hooked some Chrome :B
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    ryosapien........sorry you had a win/lose day, but that's what will keep you in the brotherhood of "steelie chasers" for the rest of your life. Been trying to get my 13 year old in to this society of fishers since last season....and yesterday was his second trip this year. Up to then he had not caught one....So low and behold yesterday he gets into his first catchable/ landable "steel" of his life and don't you know, that it turns out to be a FO fish at that........and you can bet that he will chase "steel" some time each fall for the rest of his life....and as we walked thru the parking lot (later in the day) I mentioned that some day (he like me) might get to teach his son....and later his grandson, just like his dad and I have exposed him to these fabulous silver streaks that can drive grown men to near tears......THANKS RYOSAPIEN.......... For sharing your lesson of learning in progress......good fishin to you this season........Jon Sr.