leaky porch into basement...

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  1. Looking for advice for a home repair problem I'm experiencing.

    Here is some background on the issue. I have a 1951 Cape Cod home that has two concrete steps and a concrete porch which leads you into the house. Now, in the basement, directly beneath the concrete porch, there is a small room that appears to be a shelter of sort built into the basement.

    Recently with the snow and rain lately, I've just noticed there is water coming from the roof of that room, which I'm assuming is coming from the concrete porch above it. It must have started weeks ago as I have just noticed it.

    So, here is my question. Has this happened to anyone on the board before and if so how can it be repaired? I've checked a bunch of sites and have seen repair advice from filling cracks with a waterproof sealant to waterproofing the porch with 6 mil plastic and adhere waterproof carpet to the porch to resurfacing the porch with concrete and finally replacing the concrete porch/stoop altogether.

    Not knowing how the water is coming through the porch to the ceiling will not help with locate an exact answer to this problem, I understand that. Right now, I'm just looking for solution suggestions/experiences that I'm sure has happened to someone locally that can share their experience so I can get an idea of what to expect - both good and bad as well as cheap vs. expensive repairs regarding this type of house problem.

    I'm at a loss right now and, I think, I'm just going to grin and bear this until spring (assuming that I can't do anything about it now) but if anyone can offer any advice or experience at all regarding this, I would appreciate it.

    Thanks guys!
  2. Here's some advice. Hope that it just goes away and hit the river!

  3. As soon as things dry out a bit...and warms a little try having someone slowly wet different areas with a water hose to try and figure out exactly where the water is getting in. Let us know what you find out then someone may be able to offer a good sugestion. Good Luck!
  4. Don't wait! If the water freezes where it's coming in it could make the leak worse. Even if all you do is put gum in the hole until spring thats better than nothing.
    Good Luck
  5. not sure where you are but i'm a certified roofer with 22 years in the field...pm me with details if you want and i'll let you know the best approach....
  6. If your old house was like mine, that is a coal bin or bunker. If the wind and rain and snow was just right, mine would leak due to a crack in the corner. I patched the crack, problem solved. The "window" looked like the door to a giant wood stove. It was very ornate with some coal company's name and logo cast into it. It also leaked when the rain blew in just right. I replaced it with glass block. Good luck.
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    I had a room just like that in my last house, just under the front cement steps(3) and it was about 4' x 4'. It's used for canned vegetables, potatoes and such. I'm sorry, I don't have a remedy, but I thought you'd like to know what I think this room was originally built for. It's made to stay cool year round, but as I recall, mine was not damp nor wet.
  8. alot of those were ,where the water well was, now the wells are away from the house, put a tarp over the cement for now[ ,might help] till spring ,then tackle the problem, next rain, look at your spouting ,is it driping behind the spouting ,onto the ground close to the house ?? water close to the foundation will find a way in . look at the top of the 4x4 pad is it cracked? look at the pad where it meets the house is the clauking bad? nice dry dat pour some water on the pad see which way it runs off ? good hunting.
  9. Might talk to some of the basement waterproofing companies. They may have something that could be injected under pressure from the inside out to seal cracks. Temporary fix but it may prevent further damage.

    Check your gutters and downspouts. Make sure they are clear and running water a distance away from foundation.

    Best of luck.
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    My sister had the same problem. I installed ice and water shield over the concrete and built a wooden deck on top. Not a drop of water in 2 years.
  11. I own a concrete business in Cleveland. Sounds like the concrete is either pitched the wrong way, has separated from the house or a crack has opened up and is alowing water in. Removing the deck would be an expensive fix, but if the walls are structurally sound and the concrete deck is not too badly deteriorated you can top the deck with new concrete(2 inches minimum) and pitch the water away from the house. First you will need to place some metal flashing against the house where the concrete will touch the wood. Next get some foam expansion joint that has the top 1/2 inch perforated(most ready mix plant will carry this). Place the expansion joint along the house with teh perforated side up. Next pour new concrete on the deck with rebar spanning across the deck making sure that it is sitting over the exisiting walls. After the concrete is finished peel the perforation off the expansion and a half inch caulk joint will be left. Caulk this joint and you are now water proofed. pm me if you have any more questions
  12. Thanks to everyone for the replies.

    I can tell you that I just had new gutters put on this summer and they are clear and working great with no apparent leaking. Also, where the porch meets the house, I caulked about a year ago and that too appears to be in good shape. I looked for cracks in the concrete pad tonight and nothing appeared to be cracked but there are indentations in the concrete to where the problem may be. Any way to patch/resurface that up in this cold weather?

    I'll take a level to the pad and see if its pitched away from the house to see what that can do. If its settled and now pitched toward the house, OUCH! Hopefully that is not it!

    Would you think I should go through a concrete company or waterproofing company to get this looked at more thoroughly?

    As for Joel's advice....a very sound idea. Now, if my new boots were in yet from Cabelas! ARGHH!

    Thanks again for the suggestions everyone! I appreciate you taking the time and if you have any more suggestions, please keep them coming.
  13. if its not used much during the winter ,tarp it and wait till spring .did you get down on your knee;s and look up at jouints see if theres a opening it could run in , where the horz and the vert meet?
  14. Yeah, I can't see any cracks from the basement and everything seems to be sealed from what I can tell.

    We do use those steps and porch so tarping it over is not an option.
  15. You only need hip waders where you fish.