Leaking safety valve/home heating system

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by c. j. stone, Sep 26, 2008.

  1. I have an electric heated hydronic heating system and my safety valve towards the end of last season was dumping quite a bit of water. This valve had just been changed the season prior since the one it replaced seemed to be defective/leaking also. An "old timer" at a parts outlet told me it's a bad expansion tank related problem. Anyone have any experience with circulating hot water systems? Thx.
  2. Had the same problem. :mad: Installed new x tank and problem solved.:)

  3. If they installed the new valve and the pressure and temperature ratings are the same as the old, most likely bad tank. If you have a bladder tank, your air pressure should be set no higher(psi) than the relief, if you get water out of the schrader(air)valve,bladder has broke. If its a steel tank make sure you still have an air pocket for the expansion, it could be waterlogged. The other thing to check is if you have makeup water, that the fill valve is not putting to much water/pressure into the system. High water pressure will cause the same symptoms.
  4. Thanks for the info. I have somewhat of a unique heating system starting with the outdoor wood-burning furnace which is hooked in tandem via a plate heat exchanger with my electric heater. I removed and pumped up the x tank to abt. 10 lbs. and put some water in the fitting that connects to the circulating system. Tiny air bubbles confirmed the tank is leaking. My electric furnace which is normally now inactive during the winter has a combo pressure/temp gage which is probably as old as the house(~40 yrs) and I think very unreliable, so along with the new tank, I'm going to replace the gage also. Normal system fill pressure should be 12 psi which is automatically controlled but I really can't really control the circulating water temp. I'm going to contact the outdoor heater supplier about a variable temp controller for it. Presently, the shut-off water temp coming into the house is 175F-which is just too hot. I should then consume less wood also. Thanks again.