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Leaking Boot problem?

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by put-put, Oct 4, 2004.

  1. Ahh! Owning a boat can be so much fun. I have a leak coming from somewhere, and I believe I have limited it to the boots where the water is coming from. I filled the bottom of boat up and looked for leaks from the plug and other places and nothing. It isn't leaking real bad ,but the bilge is kicking on way too much. Any other ideas to check before I take to a mechanic would be appreciated also, was wondering if anyone could tell me about how much to get this checked out and fixed.
  2. freyedknot

    freyedknot useless poster

    have a livewell? check your plumbing hoses for a leak.aluminum or glass boat? missing a rivet if aluminum. your heading says leaking BOOT

  3. It is a 1998 sportcraft hardtop fisherman. I flooded the bottom and unhooked the bilge and left it set and didn't see any water coming from anywhere. It waz suggested that I may have a small hole in one of the boots? I don't think I got it up over the boot because it would get to engine and I didn't want to do that. As for the livewell I didn't check that I can't imagine the way that it is hooked up that it would leak? I have a washdown and the pump goes to it first and i checked all of that. But I will investigate that a little closer. Thanks and any other ideas would help a bunch
  4. I would agree with Freyedknot's diagnosis. My guess would be the line to the livewell or the line for your bilge. I have the same thing happening on mine and I did the same test that you did. I get no leak outward when filling the hull with water. I think my problem is the livewell leaking into the hull on one of the lines. My problem is pretty minor and has not warranted lifting the floor to get to the lines. It sounds like perhaps yours is to the point of a winter project.
  5. UFM82

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    I'll assume this is an I/O? If so, the bellows in the rear are trouble spots. Shift cable boots, exhaust bellows and driveshaft bellows are the points to look. If you want to have them all done at once, you'll be looking at $500-$600 for a Mercruiser .Don't know about OMC or Volvo.

    If you have a livewell leak, it will be at the hoses, either the fill hose or the drain hose fittings. Unless you have an actual crack in the tank, hoses are normally the issue.

    Boots on outdrives are always an issue due to the location. They aren't a real picnic to change out.

    You won't see a leak doing the water in the bilge trick if you have a boot leaking. You have to have the boat in the water to check them. Raise your outdrive all the way up while the boat is on the trailer and look very closely at the boots. You may find a hole somewhere that way.

    You can always pull the outdrive, ( pretty simple) and inspect them that way.

  6. chaunc

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    Do you know of anyone in the northeast area that can fix leaky or broken rivets on a tracker boat. Got a couple missing and its taking on some water. Have to run the bilge every hour or so to keep the level down. When i'm under power, it drains completely. Also any idea of how much it cost to have them fixed?
  7. thanks ufm that is what i was thinking it is. I don't run or haven't ran the livewell since I purchased. And the guy that had it before me has antifreeze in the line so i think I would be seeing some pink color in the water when i open the engine compartment. I was thinking of giving happy days a call and see if they could look at it. It has to be a very small hole and someone told me they can do a "pressure test" to find the smallest of holes. And fix like what you said a pain in the butt fix.