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  1. ok guys , quick question about leaders. i'm setting up a trolling rod and i'm lost on leaders. i'm going to be t:T misquito and will load my reel with 50 # power pro. is that too much? and i wondered what type of leader to tie to the jet divers (10). oh , is a jet diver appropiate for that situation? any and all advice is epreciated.......thanks.:)

  2. baker...what are you fishing for at Skeeter? Walleye? Are you running line counter reels.....they will help you get jets to the depth you want.

    30# power pro braid works fine trolling eyes on Erie pulling dipsy divers, inline boards and jets. I use either 20# mono or 20# flourocarbon leaders just a little shorter than the rod.

    I dont fish Skeeter much but this might help you some.

    Good luck.
  3. If your going to be trolling Mosquito and other inland lakes, I would stick with 12 # mono. 50# Power Pro is overkill.

    I would also consider running inline weights, or even snap weights instead of Jets.
  4. Agree with Het. 12 lb mono is just fine for trolling inland
    lakes. Snap weights as well. I always liked to run some storm
    junior thundersticks, wiggle warts or any kind of small cranks.
  5. Bob i will be running line counter reels. and thanks for the advice. and to het and evil, if i run with 12lb mono what type of leaders would i use? thanks for the advice gentlemen.....
  6. You will not have to run leaders.
  7. i just googled snap weights and that would work better in my situation. thanks once again for the tip , i will definitly put that mathod to good use !!
  8. Baker1, get some 14# Superbraid and run a fluorocarbon leader. Mosquito isn't very deep at all. You can easily run cranks on the bottom with the braid, it's only 4# diameter and will get your baits down. Much easier and more effective than using jets/weights.
  9. thanks madmac ......