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Discussion in 'Steelhead Talk' started by swiss, Mar 20, 2005.

  1. swiss


    flying in next week to fish the fly on rocky river. can anyone tell me how the leader has to look like?
    Length, diameter with or without additional wights...
    I am gonna use a 10 1/2 fly pull, is it suitable?

    thanks for any reply.

    the swiss
  2. Steelie Junkie

    Steelie Junkie Banned

    I just 20# and 10# Seaguer's fluorocarbon as my leader. The reason why, is I'm using a lot of weight or a strike indicator. My rod is 10'6", so I use about 6' of 20# line and 4' of 10#. The leader to attached to Rio's nymph line. This line is excellent for turning over heavy weight and a strike indicator. Then I use a micro swivel and attach the tippet to that. When the water gets low and clear, then I use a triple surgeon's knot to attach the tippet.

  3. Welcome aboard man...
    Not sure this week coming up will be good with all the rain in the forcast...
  4. yeah, you picked a bad week bro. The river is a mess and we have a bunch of rain in the forecast. It was very high on sunday and the river did not give up many fish. I hooked and landed only one. We got a ton of rain last night and she is totally blown. If the weather would be nice I would say it would fish by wednesday but it is gonna rain again.
  5. swiss


    Thanks guys,

    Me and two buddies of mine will be fishing the river 31st this month, hope the wether will be better then...

    Dose a fast sinktip will do the job of the weights as well?

    We gonna pass by cabelas first to get my pals a fly rod, what brand and class can you suggest?

    The swiss
  6. I wish I could help you with this, but I spin for the steelies. Have thought about getting into fly fishing, but have spent my extra $ on other fishing avenues instead. I catch 90% of mine on drifting fresh steelhead eggs under a blackbird phantom float. Good luck and you are way better off with the 31st.