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  1. Does anyone pretie leaders at home?If so how many and in what lenghts? Or do you tie them as needed while your in the river? It will be my first time fishing using a leader so I want to be as prepared as possible. Also what size and color swivels? I have seen black,brass and red.
  2. I always make some at home.Normally around ten.Mine are usually around thirty-six in.Once I hit the water I can adjust from there.

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    i would say it matters where your fishing. when im fishing inland lakes with just 2 poles, i pretty much tie at the lake. when on lake erie trolling i have at least 20 leaders tied before leaving for the lake, some about 10 foot and some shorter.
  4. Hey EzBite, give me a scenario when you would use any leader longer than 4ft. How do you store such lengthy lines?Thanks
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    i think its called a "leader tamer" i keep 10 footers on one and shorter ones on the other. gander mtn and dicks both carry them. i start out with shorter leaders first. if the water is crystal clear and/or it is a bright sunny day and/or the bite has quit and im still marking fish, i will switch over to the longer leaders. this is when trolling on erie. the shorter leaders are what we usually run, but there have been days when the longer leaders have save the day.:p

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  6. I figure its roughly 6' across my arms when they are extended.
    Thats my leader lengths. Have used leaders up to 12'. You have
    to do a hand over hand to bring the fish in. This seems to work best
    when the eyes are dipsey shy. I tie my leaders at home. When its
    rough you do not want to be tying leaders. I use the same leader tube as
    Ezbite and use black swivels.
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    I measure leaders the same way evileye does. I use the discarded spools from the line I buy, just keep wrapping and connecting each one. Works great.
  8. Supposedly, if you spread your arms apart, the measurement will be the same as your height.

    I use the black pipe insulation to store my leaders. Wrap the leader around it, and secure it with a rubber band. I put a shorter piece of 1/2" copper pipe inside it to keep it from blowing out of the boat.

    I carry six and eight footers on the boat. Six footers for Dipsy/spoon combos, and the ights are used for harnesses and inline weights.
  9. Thats what I've heard, but why do my knuckles drag on the ground?
  10. 4 foot , 6 foot amd 8's ... Are in our arsenal... Pretied with Sampo Swivels and Snaps...

    Wraped around a pool noodle cut about 12 inches or so, secured by a Color beaded Pin...

  11. For walleye I run 4-6 footers of jets, 6-8 footers off of dipsys.
  12. Thanks for all the replies. I will be wading, so I'm looking for info pertaining to that. What size swivels and does color matter?
  13. When I'm on the water (wading or otherwise) I prefer tying on a new leader from scratch. I hate having to mess with mono/floro thats been coiled up in a ball, but sometimes you have very little choice...like with crawler harnesses...unless you have tons of room to store them without coiling.

    The barrel swivel is located 2'-4' from the lure, so color is of little importance. However, I always go with the smallest size swivel possible. Swivels have a pound test just like line, so match it to your presentation and/or target species.

    Always use a smaller pound test on your leader vs main line. You'll save lots of sinkers & swivels that way.