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Leader Question???

Discussion in 'Fish on the Fly' started by brhoff, May 28, 2007.

  1. Can I use a surgeons knots to tie up some simple leaders?

    Can I make leaders from tippett? Say for axample some 1x, 2x and 3x???

    I don't fish technically just looking for some simple recipes for sizes 6-10 still water flies...have tried just mono but would like some turn over.

    I cast into every odd ball spot I can find for pan fish and I am tearing up way to many 3.50 tapered leaders...if there is an "easy" solution, I would like to try it.

    Most of the resources I have found dealing with leaders are in reference to trout fishing and hence, very technical.

    Thanks for any advice offered.

    Also, been using Orvis and Cortland tapered leaders with appropriate tippets...I think everything is mono but could be wrong.
  2. You will probably get 200 different responses
    to your question, but heres what works for me.
    Yes you can use a surgeons knot and personally
    I would not use tippet material for my leader sections.
    I use maxima chameleon: 24"-12 lb test (butt) then
    taper from there 18"-10 lb, 18"-8lb, then 24" -6lb as
    your tippet. If all your fishing for is panfish this should
    work just fine.


  3. a simple solution would be to buy one more leader (preferably a knotted one and use it til you use up the tippet section (last section)---tie a small perfection loop (it is straighter than other loops)in the end of the 2nd section and just tie 18" of tippet on from the loop----you can do the same with a knotless leader and just put the loop around 12-18" from the original end of the leader---or use one that you have bought before unless you have cut into the midsection too much

    tippet material is generally softer limp mono and the butt section is usually a stiffer harder type of mono so it can turn over your fly easier so an all tippet leader isnt going to work the best

    or you can do as evileye said---the maxima is pretty stiff and will work nicely as a butt section---i use all blood knots for freshwater leaders---the leader stays straighter
  4. mazer

    mazer Master of Creek Chubs

    Like evileye said, do not use tippet material for the leader (butt) section because it is not stiff enough to turn over.

    I use Mason because the Rodmakers shop had it, and it was cheap at $0.99 per spool.

    One thing I used to do before making my own was to snip off a portion of the tapered leader, and tie on my own tippet. So when I got hung up, i did not loose the entire leader. I just broke off the tippet and tied on a new one. Back then I also used the surgeon knot. but the blood knot is not hard to learn. An evening in front of the tube making leaders will do wonders...

    Also, try a search on this forum for several posts regarding this subject.
  5. Thanks all the replied. I don't mind learnig more knots.

    Yes, I use tippet, like bubble gum. It is not the end I trash...I really work these things over but again, I am casting up under and right into the submerged brush, willows and right up against standing hardwoods.

    My still water, wadeing/fishing is a bit unorthidox but I pull a lot of fish others won't dare and grabbing a few spools of the proper mono and learning a new knot won't be too tough ...just don't want to swing 3-4 bucks a trip any longer if I can cut it to a fraction....I simply cast to way too many places others won''s my style.
  6. i go cheap when i panfish, i usually leave a 15lb or so but section about 2-3ft then just tie a few feet of 4-6lb that i cut off a spinning rod for a tippet
    keep it simple
  7. Here is an easy formula - Butt (25 or 30lb.) + 1/2 Butt (downsize 5 lbs from Butt) + 1/4 Butt (downsize 5 lbs).
    Example - 5 ft. 25# + 2.5 ft. 20# + 15in. 15 # or 0X. Onto this you tie on about 24" of any size tippet.

    If you can Nail Knot this onto your fly line, you have no loops.

    Surgeon's Knots work just fine for line to line attachment. I have found that mono to mono only needs 2 turns, while mono to braid takes 3.