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Leader Material for Fly Rod

Discussion in 'Fish on the Fly' started by KSUFLASH, Jun 4, 2007.


    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    Specifically for Pike, does anyone have suggestions for what to use as your tippet? I am pretty sure I have no chance of landing a pike with the normal Fluoro leader. They will cut that as soon as I set the hook.

    Basically it is time for me to up the ante. I now want to land a pike on my fly rod. I know where they are in the rivers, I just need to figure out what the best way to keep them hooked up on a fly rod is.

  2. Flash -
    Scientific Anglers carries a freshwater leader/tippet designed specifically for pike. The leader is 6ft of 20lb mono with an 8inch wire tippet tested at 38lbs.
    I'm not sure of the cost.

    I have never used this product, but I used a wire tippet produced by Orvis when I used to fish for Chain Pickerel up in Maine. The only drawback was after catching a few fish, the wire tippet was bent so badly that it had to be replaced. (The cost for these wire tippets was in the range of $15 for a pack of 6.)

    Best of luck to you in your quest for pike!

  3. Sounds like maybe a simple 6-8 inch leader tied onto a decent strenght mono tippet would work fine. Snap on one end and swivel attached to tippet should work out. Probably using streamers of sinking flies anyway so the weight shouldn't hurt that much.

    Disclaimer: Huntinbull is NEW at flyfishing so take no advice from him unless its right!!

  4. charter capn told me once that he uses 50 # fireline for pike and muskie
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  6. ...go purchase some surflon mono coated wire its mono coated wire 7 strand and has held up to several 40"+ muskies... you can dbl uni knot it to your tippet!