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  1. Does anyone know someone who has been affected from handling lead. No matter what the product is fo fishing it usually has lead in it. It seems that most of u have been handling lead for many years and have not been affected at all.
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    It's not you that gets effected unless exposed to extreme doses or actual ingestion. What does get effected are your children, no they may not grow a third eye or arm, they could but doubtful, what is likely is a lot of other health problems.

  3. I got sick when I overdid making sinkers. I did not have enough ventalation and worked 4-5 hours breathing that crap. I felt sick to my stomach, tired, sort of like the flu. I now limit how long I work with the stuff and make sure I space the sinker making out, like 2-3 weeks between sessions.
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    Me n0T aFFe(ted @ a!!...
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    Last year I had lots ofm problems w/ my skin itching and ither small stuff. I guess something just hit me. I really think it was the stuff that was attached to lead like glues and things like that. I finally had to stop, but rather than selling my stuff, I gave it to a friend, who I HOPE WILL MAKE ME SOME SINKERS THIS COMING WINTER. (Boy I hope he reads this!) :D ;) :p
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  7. Ive been crimping splitshot onto my line with my teeth for years, maybe thats what my problem is.