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    Do any of you use non-lead wire to weight your flies? If so, what material is it and where do you get it? I have noticed many different "craft" wires in the stores and wondered if these could be used, any thoughts on that? I would think they could work, as long as the material was malleable enough to form around the hook and dense enough to add adequate weight...? :confused:

    Also, in a previous post I had asked if anyone had cicada patterns they were willing to share, thought I would try again and see if the second time is the charm. :T Thanks!
  2. wildland01, I use the lead free stuff all the time. They say it's not quite as heavy as lead but it works fine for me. I don't know what it is made from either. I either get mine from JStockard (www.jsflyfishing.com) or Cabelas, I can't remember which one. I'm sure alot of places carry it.
    Here are a few cicada patterns to check out.
    There that should keep you busy for a couple minutes.