LBF Crappie Fishing Seminar 3/27/08

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  1. Mark your calendars! Thursday, March 27 at 7PM, I'll be at the Land Big Fish store giving a seminar on crappie fishing. I'll have fellow Microspoons Pro Staffer Nick Bachtel in tow, helping me out with demos, and helping everyone in their search for the slabs. We'll go over different techniques, baits, and patterns, then hang out to answer any questions you may have. We'll also have a Microspoons sample pack to get you, but you need to stop in at LBF and register at the front desk.

    LBF's big Spring Open House is March 29 and 30, so stop in and check out their HUGE selection.

    See you there!
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    Hey BD..........hope that you have a great turn out.....heaven knows that everyone's "Super Cranked " to get out somewhere..........anywhere.

  3. where is this located?
  4. Spanky.... look for the landbigfish banner on the right of the page and click on it... It will give you all the info you need.... good luck this year:B
  5. thanks i never noticed it on the side... hope to venture down from the macedonia area to check it out ....
  6. I'll be there. Looking forward to meeting some of the guys.
  7. I've got it marked on my calendar. I'm sure Big Daddy will share his tactics for Delaware Lake.:D
  8. I really would like to make it down but i have no idea where this store is at. can some one give me the address for the ol' tomtom
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  10. catfishhunter....3333 Manchester Rd.....south of 224/76 on Manchester.

    Bigdaddy...."you need to stop in at LBF and register at the front desk." Is it ok to register that night...or does it require pre-registration?

    Hoping to get there.

    (Lewzer...didnt see yours)
  11. Not sure Bob. I just saw it on the board at the store and thought I'd add it to the info here.
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    I just called them and was able to register by phone. All they needed to know was my name and how many people.
    3333 Manchester Rd
    Akron, Ohio 44319
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    ...Sounds like a good way to spend an evening.

    I'll be there.
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