LBF Crappie Fishing Seminar 3/27/08

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  1. Mark your calendars! Thursday, March 27 at 7PM, I'll be at the Land Big Fish store giving a seminar on crappie fishing. I'll have fellow Microspoons Pro Staffer Nick Bachtel in tow, helping me out with demos, and helping everyone in their search for the slabs. We'll go over different techniques, baits, and patterns, then hang out to answer any questions you may have. We'll also have a Microspoons sample pack to get you, but you need to stop in at LBF and register at the front desk.

    LBF's big Spring Open House is March 29 and 30, so stop in and check out their HUGE selection.

    See you there!
  2. I was just getting ready to make a post asking for spring crappie tips. I guess I will just come out there instead. See you on the 27th


  3. MAN! Good crowd! I'm pretty sure there were close to 30 guys at the seminar tonight. Thanks for stopping by. I hope I didn't sound too bad... It's easier to type this stuff out on a computer screen than it is explaining it in person, to REAL people! I do like it though.

    Thanks also goes to Land Big Fish for allowing me the opportunity to speak. Thanks Jeff, Marty, and the rest of the guys.

    I would have pictures, but I forgot the camera... Nick and Sam were too busy running around the store to help me too! Oh well.

    One of these days, if I can ever get caught up (HA!) I'd like to buy my own camera gear and videotape some of this stuff, then post it. I have the laptop, the editing software, just need the camera. Ahh, someday... After the new garage door, the new brake lines, the new roof on the house, the kid's braces, soccer, my hernia surgery... the list goes on and on, but hey, that's life! Gotta keep on plugging away.

    Anyway, it was a lot of fun and I hope I at least pointed some of you guys in the right direction.
  4. Coot

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    Excellent presentation Big Daddy

    30 people minimum....I'm sure Land Big Fish was ecstatic.

    Good information shared in a relaxed atmosphere.
    It was like 30 buddies sitting around yapping about crappie fishing.

    When are we doing it again....?
    I'll bring the chips and dip.
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    I would like to thank big daddy for spending his time to teach the new guy like myself. Im sure I will get a lot more fish this spring with all the great info you gave. This was my 2nd time doing this and I will be hitting every one you have. TY

    I counted 36 guys there not including bigdaddy, nick or sam.
  6. NRA Guy

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    Please add me to the group saying THANKS for a great evening. drove up from youngstown area and really glad that I did.
  7. I was there too and I agree it was a great presentation. If nothing else I realized that all the gear I have for bass fishing is just too big to use for crappie. Darn, now I gotta go out and buy a whole bunch of new stuff.

    Thanks Big Daddy

  8. Thanks for all the info, Carl. Very helpful to me. It was a nice turnout of guys. Good luck to all...;)
  9. Thanks for the info Carl...good to meet you.

    Definitely came away with some different ideas and presentations I have never tried....those crappie dont have a chance now!
  10. Thanks Carl, Nick, and LBF,
    Jam packed with crappie info. Great pointers and LBF is a great stop shopping!
  11. Thanks Carl and LBF. Well worth attending. Carl you sounded just fine. Informal presentation like that works well for subject and group. The boys still did pretty good. At that age, my two boys would not have lasted very long in that setting.