Lawrence Co BBuck

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  1. Guy at work sent me this at work
    It's looking to be another good year
    Monday @ 5:05 pm a record buck was killed in Lawrence county Ohio near the fields on Pine Creek guess it scored somehere around 240

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  2. sporty

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    Holy _____________!!!!!

  3. DarbyMan

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    I'm with sporty, awesome!
  4. That is one funky looking monster!!:eek:
  5. BigSteve

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    My God, what a monster
  6. Procraftboats21

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    wow, that drop tine is awesome, stickers all over the place!
  7. couple of more pics what a moose

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  8. That's amazing...Buck of a lifetime!
  9. SWEEEEET!Nice Buck congrats.
  10. Fishman

    Fishman Catch bait???

    Anyone got a confirmation on on this being REAL?? Or that it will potentially score to become a record buck?? Link to a new paper or anything. Kinda looks photoshopped to me.... hate to be a nay sayer just can't find anything on google about it. Just figured it was about time for a picture of a monster to start circulating on the web :D
  11. i think im agreeing with the dude under me .. cuz the adams county buck some how after it got shot made it all the way up to delawear to get hit by a simi seriously .. stop with the stupid deer kill storys ... but if this is a buck that really got killed this year .. great job
  12. incredible deer! wonder why he is wearing a dress??:D :D :eek:
  13. if u want the truth i dont think this deer was killed this year .. for some reason them brow tines and that drop looks like a deer i have seen in the past years .. but its the brow tines that are making me think it was not killed this year
  14. Toxic

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    The tag on the deer appears to be an Ohio tag, so that's a good thing. But that deer does look familiar. Hope that I am wrong b/c that is a very nice deer.
  15. and also i would like to add.. that deers body looks a little small to be carrying around head gear like that ... it looks like a 5 year olds rack on a two year olds body ...
  16. Awesome buck!

    Hopefully that stops a few of the "speculations"......
  17. Once again, Ohio produces another spectacular buck...I love living in Ohio. We really got it made.