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Laurel River Lake

Discussion in 'Fishing Reports - Out of State' started by Spence88, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. I have an offer to go to Laurel River Lake in Corbin, KY this weekend. I've never been there but always up for a new spot. Anyone have input on this lake? My buddy says it is a good walleye lake? Any suggestions, opinions, etc would be appreciated. Thanks in advance...
  2. that lake is often called "Kentucky's best kept secret" and you'll see why when you get there
    The lake does have some nice walleye, trout and world record small mouth
    There are two marinas on the lake (holly bay and grove marina) both have bait and tackle ect. and will get you pointed in the right direction
    Plan on fishing late in the evening, at night or early morning because the water is crystal clear

  3. I just posted this link in the thread about Smallmouth in Lake Cumberland, but it will serve you well also.

    Click on the map to get KY Lake Info...or click on the links below the map to get the latest fishing report from various lakes. Laurel Lake is included.

    By the way, Laurel is a great Walleye lake for Kentucky...definitely not as good as Lake Erie though.
  4. Treebass227

    Treebass227 Proud Member

    I can't speak for the fishing, but the lake is beautiful and definitely worth the trip. Good luck.
  5. I personally don't know much about it, but the guitarist in my band heads down there a couple times a year for some trout-ing and kills 'em on ultralight tackle. He talks about it all the time but has yet to take me out so we'll see when I finally get that chance.
  6. captnroger

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    Used to live 10 minutes from it. Beautiful lake. Very clear. Night fishing is the way to go in the summer, small plastic worms and spinnerbaits for bass. Walleye fishing is supposed to be excellent but I never fished for them while there.
  7. Just go man!!! Awesome lake and views.

    I "grew up" in McWhorther just North. Awesome topwater bass bite this time of year. I'm visiting this week down there. long where you in those parts?! I loved the nibroc festival each summer...famers daughters rule!

  8. found these threads from earlier planning a trip to Laurel River lake the last week of Sept or early October and was wondering if your trip was productive or if anyone can give any advice for Smallies and/or crappie for this time of year.
  9. there are 2 main branches of the lake, marsh bransh is the clearer of the 2, best for trout and smallies, especially near the dam. I've caught a few 4 pound smallies there during the spring. the other branch is the main laurel river arm and it is where the best largemouth fishing will be. beautiful lake, it seems to swallow many boats, never seems busy there. my family loves it. BUT never fish there in july or august, water is clear and fish are deep.