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  1. so with the warm weather im thinkin of headin out to griggs or hoover friday since i dont have school hopefully the ice is melted by then....but i was a hoover late fall and the ramp was extremely low to the point i could see where the concrete of the ramp ends so im worried if i will be able to launch ive got a lil 14 foot boat but i cant just drag it in cuase its got some weight in it from the decking and stuff. btw does anyone know if griggs or hoover is still frozen?
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    Griggs is still frozen, even though the water is roaring underneath the ice. Can't imagine it will be locked up much longer after tomorrows forecasted downpour...Whatever the case the water is going to be high and muddy for a while, i'd scratch Griggs off your list of launching options for at least a week, maybe more.

  3. I was out at oxbow and ice is still pretty heavy on hoover. starting to break away from the shore good so maybe by the weekend.
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    I hate to say it, but I think that open water by Friday (fishable open water that is) is being overly optimistic. I would say we have at least another 3 weeks before the lakes around here are clear.
  5. Griggs has open water as far as i could see in both directions, I drive over it twice a day to and from work. There was a guy fishing from shore on my way in today. There was still a little ice around the edges but not very much at all, with the rain on the way all the ice will be gone in the next couple of days.
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    Griggs near Dublin is free, as are the downtown pools. Problem is they are completely blown out from rain and snow melt.
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  7. Mike is probably right on waiting for a few weeks for the boat. The long range forecast is showing ice making temps again after the weekend. It may not make any safe ice again in central Ohio but it will make the worst kind of all, too thin to walk on but still in the way.:(
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    Wow, I can't believe Griggs cleared overnight! I drove park road beside the lake last night at about midnight and everything was still covered except for the first few feet on the bank.

    Water was definitely up. If you're familiar with the ramps, the water level was even with the concrete center where the docks are anchored.
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    I too cannot believe that Griggs is open. I went past it yesterday afternoon on Hayden Run bridge and it was frozen as far as I could see.

    Cabin fever is bad I know, but seriously, I'd wait. Snow is forecasted this weekend, and Griggs ramp is the last place I'd want to be if I had an engine problem. Wait till the ice is clear and future temps are more predicable. Early Feb is just too early to break out the rig.
  10. well maybe ill be waiting it out for a few weeks but untill then i might try fishing outa my friends little plastic pontoon thing in the big pond by my house that should be safe enough ..i hope i dont know how much longer i can wait haha
  11. Drove up to Mill run and its all flooded no ice on the river what so ever, maybe just maybe we can hard water again , but i doubt it.. Thinking about stringing the long poles and run the gas out of the auger, after all 30 day it will be arm to arm fishing for the walleyes in Toledo...:G
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    I don't know where you were looking at Griggs, but I drove over Hayden Run last night and its definately still frozen.
  13. You could throw a top water on buckeye in the fairfield beach area but that would be one determined fish to get at that plug, or walk out on some of the docks and slide a jig down beside some of the post , I am sure there is more open water around the docks on the north shore by now, it didnt produce anything for me last weekend.