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launching and getting wet???

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by freyedknot, Jul 26, 2005.

  1. freyedknot

    freyedknot useless poster

    why is so many people have to walk out in the water to put their boat back on the trailer. if you have to walk out in the water ,then your trailer is most likely tooooo far in the water.find the sweet spot and just keep dry. i see this all the time at the ramps.
  2. Guilty, your honor! :eek:

    I am lousy launching and retrieving. Maybe that's why I now have my boat at a dock?? Actually, I also have a 12' boat that I trailer and a fishing kayak. Pretty hard not to get wet with the kayak. :D

  3. Alot depends on the slope of the ramp. My 26'er is a pain to retrieve. If the trailer isn't in the water far enough the pulpit hits the winch, if the trailer is in the water far enough to clear the winch you are wet up to atleast mid thigh at most ramps. Down here there are a couple of ramps where I only get ankle deep, they are the ones that are a gradual slope. The really bad thing is that the rear tires are in the water... Good thing the dually is a 4x4
  4. Hook N Book

    Hook N Book The Original Hot Rod Staff Member

    I have the same problem with steep ramps. If I don't get the bow eye completely on the stanchion it bounces like crazy on the highway. Also, at over 7500 lbs. it's rather difficult to winch once it's out of the water. :D I can usually walk out to the winch on the trailer tongue and get it done but it's taking a chance of falling in the water anyway so why not just wade in if the waters warm enough.
    BTW...If you ever see me at a ramp you're more than welcome to winch my boat from the trailer won't be pretty. :D
  5. I have a 14' er and when i back the trailer in too far, the bunks don't touch the bottom of the boat and when i pull it out, the boat alway seems to be croocked on the trailer, but if i don't put it in to far it means that the boat doesn't go up as faron the trailer, i have to walk out either in the water or on the trailer and attach the winch strap to the bow eye. But once i get that i just walk back up and crank it in. I don't mind getting my feet wet, i usually wear sandels in the summer, now spring and fall are another story, try to stay as dry as possible, sometimes i remove the corner of my tonnau cover to walk to the end of my tailgate, but the water and temp must be extremely cold.

  6. ParmaBass

    ParmaBass Kiss The Converse

    Go try to load you boat at LaDue in the Spring. Hard no to get yourself wet when your front tires are sitting in 2 inches of water. All depends on the ramp and lake conditions.
  7. First of all I do a lot of launching and loading by myself and thus I don't ever bother getting in the boat to run it up on the trailer. It is just easier to hook a rope to it and pull it in line and then hook up the strap either on the trailer tongue or as Hook 'n Book suggested just simply in the water if it is warm. My boat is only a 16' but where I load it normally mean that I am stopping with the rear of the vehicle right at the water's edge. That is where my bunks are just in the water.

    I guess I just don't see the big deal about whether I get wet or not. The important thing is that I can get in and out of the ramp in a timely manner. For me it takes about 5 minutes by myself if I need to clear the lane. With this kind of weather I really enjoy getting wet even if it is with 85° water.:D
  8. I'm in the exact situation as Jason6644 with my 14' tri-hull.

    I have to have the trailer slightly too far out of the water to ensure I am aligned in the rollers properly. Walk out & winch it on. I have never had a problem and I am alone a large percentage of the time. It takes me less than a minute to load up and pull out.

    With my larger boat I just drive it right on.
  9. freyedknot

    freyedknot useless poster

    i know it is a pain with the bigger boats to get the eye and the stancion on the same level, and every ramp is at a different depth and angle. i guess i really meant up here on lake erie i see them in the water up to their waist and it is out ,then back in out then back in.i launch they seem to have a lot of trouble getting their boat square on the trailer.
  10. captnroger

    captnroger OGF Webmaster

    My boat, I don't have a choice in many cases. I can't reach the winch from leaning off the bow, so if that ramp isn't steep enough, I have to get wet. I have NO problems at Wild Wings though. This is a 21' Striper Seaswirl walkaround.

    Stinky - at least the water where you live maintains an acceptable temp year-round :)
  11. Nickadams

    Nickadams goenfurshen

    Sometimes (especially this time of year) I look foward to jumping in the water to take my boat out. Whether I need to or not I don't pay much attention :)
  12. Captn...

    Water temps are usually acceptable... Its when you are on an inland lake after dark and have to go in water thigh deep next to weeds and lilly pads to hook the bow eye.... I'm always a little there could be a toothy critter in there.... Sort of like the movie lake placid!
  13. Cat Mazter

    Cat Mazter Pro Catfisherman

    When I think Ill have to make a drop in the water on a short deep ramp or Ill go over the Back tires, Ill use the Break away feature on my Trailer, Its works great, Im in & out of the water in 5 Min or less at any ramp I have been too. ;)
    Cat Mazter