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Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by freyedknot, May 25, 2008.

  1. freyedknot

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    today musta been free boat fixin @ the ramp daypulled into edgewater and there were 4 boats that were not in running condition .they were trying to get them started. figures. the summer weekend boaters are out in full force. and the ranger was handing out parking tickets too. 2 trailer rigs were parked in front of the launch ramps by the light poles and were also ticketed.
  2. OSU_Fisherman

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    I know what you mean. I went to Salt Fork today and there were several boats that would not start and the people would not get out of the way to let us in.

    It just so happened that I had trouble today.... but I only gave it 5 cranks then had my dad pull me and the boat out. I went and parked in a spot, changed the spark plugs, got back in line, and got the boat off on the first crank this time. Worst part was... 2 boats were still messing around in the lanes during the time it took me to fix what I had going on.

    It was also pretty hilarious to watch how many difficulties some people had with loading/unloading their boats. This one group had ropes strung all over the place trying to hold this boat in the correct position to load the boat. Their SUV was so far down the ramp that the boat was not hitting any trailer bunks before it hit the front roller. After about 15 minutes of watching and chuckling to myself, I decided to tell them it was much easier to have the trailer slightly out of the water haha.

  3. freyedknot

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    yes it was funny as i always see guys donning waders just to put a boat on a trailer. if i had to put on waders i would fish the river!
  4. sauguy

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    memorial day weekend is the worst, first time they put their boats in from winter storage. i must be odd, but when i pull mine out of the barn for the first time of the year, i put mine in my garbage pail or put the muffs on and try it out. not at the ramp.
  5. alan farver

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    yeah this always drives me nuts.i also start mine and make sure everything works.
  6. Hetfieldinn

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    It was ridiculous at Mazuriks yesterday. There were 20-30 trucks/trailers in line waiting to retrieve or launch their boats. Half of the ramps were taken up by people with their motor covers off cranking away at the key.
  7. still casting

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    I can remember those days first learning to launch/load especially by myself. I'm sure I was the butt of a few jokes , but hey everbody has to learn once in their life. I agree start those motors up before you get to the docks.
  8. freyedknot

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    no! do proper maintenance on them and make sure they are good to go before you try to go out on a crowded weekend. a 22 ft gofast was swpping out his impellar in the dock too . and no one was using the courtesy docks either to fix their boat.
  9. iceberg

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    well i wasnt 1 of those ppl out there this weekend.worked on the boat in the drive all weekend cleaning and test starting resealing some windows and the bow another couple of days ill be ready to go! o yea replaced the alt. belt too