Late-season tarpon

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  1. Tarpon season in this neck of the woods (Sarasota, FL) is thought to be May 15 through June. After that, most hang their tackle until next year. We've discovered that there are plenty of tarpon around after the season "ends."
    And it's lot of fun.
    We anchor on shoals adjacent passes and sight-fish tarpon as they swim in water that's 4 to 5 feet deep. They're easy to see as they swim over white sand.
    We usually fly fish for them. Last time out, I got a 120-pounder on fly. Took 32 minutes to land. We released the fish after a couple of quick photos. We didn't take the fish out of the water.



  2. 120# fish on a fly?!!! That's what I call fishing! That would be a real rush.

    Great pictures as well.

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    We're in peak season for tarpon on the central-east coast.
    Got another two months to go...

    Sight fishing laid up fish today. 80-120lb fish. Jumped 2.

    ...looks like that toad popped and rehooked itself outside.
  4. Wow! That's a powerful looking fish. Looks like a blast to hook into and sight seeing to boot. I keep telling myself to get down there - I have never caught one but always wanted too. Maybe next year :)

    Nice Fish!!