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Late run white bass

Discussion in 'Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by mojo, Jun 17, 2007.

  1. Got out around side cut the last two nights and managed to pick off a few late run white bass. They were longer than what I normally see and a lot skinnierand something else I've never seen in the river before. Man these things fight better than anything I've caught in that size range.......of any species


    ...And I got this guy, something I've definitely never seen in the river before....;)
  2. fshnfreak

    fshnfreak I fish therefore I am!!

    what is that last fish doesnt look like anything ive ever seen before almost looks like some kinda trout to me?????

  3. NorthSouthOhioFisherman

    NorthSouthOhioFisherman The Young Outdoorsman

    those fish pics looked like stripers and some kinda trout... did u catch them all in the maumee?
  4. I call BS on this. Those are definately stripers, and that appears to be a trout of some sort. I could see a slight chance of somebody catching one of those, but not all 3. And no way a trout would be in the river at this temp.
  5. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    LOL.i heard the dnr was doing experimental stocking of stripers and bluefish,but that's the first proof i've seen:D
    i caught a couple bonita and a nice grouper from the scioto last week too:D
  6. Those def are stripers and not white bass. White bass have a deep body and those dont.
  7. jfan


    ...and that sure doesn't look like the Maumee at Sidecut. I heard the tarpon at Turkeyfoot are starting to turn on, though.
  8. I agree,I live in Maumee and none of that resembles Side cut and beyond. I am pretty familiar with the Maumee up to about the Waterville area and I do not recognize any of it. What I know of past waterville it looks like nothing i have seen. Also, the lack of trees really throws me off. Even past maumee where you get into a lot of farmland the river is still lined with trees...?

    Edit: i am now positive none of this story is true. Look at the picture properties. They were taken around 3/6/2003
  9. CoolWater

    CoolWater Multi-Species Fanatic

    Joe knows his fish, he's just giving us a good razzin'! So where you at now, and when you getting back in the area?
  10. that looks like a boefin or how ever you spell it and thoose are stripers so i dont think this is at the maumee
  11. Guys, it's a joke. I moved to the New hampshire seacoast a few months ago. That's obviously not the maumee, it's a saltmarsh around Hampton Harbor (where I live now). Stripers and bluefish.

    Just thought I'd post up as a little least coolwater got it!

    I've been having fun with the "schoolie" stripers and blues around and waiting for the real fish to move up the coast. The hawgs should be here soon, then it's off to surf and rocks. These little guys fight like nothing I've hooked in Ohio before though. They're no bigger than a good smallie but they put anything freshwater to shame. Can't wait until I hook into a 40'' er.
  12. Don't know about 2003 but I can say for sure they were taken this week. I got the blue last week though....??
  13. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    i might be old and slow,but not that slow:D ;)
    but i'm sticking to my story:D
  14. LOL....didn't fool me man. I grew up on the Chesapeake Bay....I know ALL about what your up to. Stripers were my life. Those little guys are a blast on light tackle and just wait until you get ahold of one over 35#!!!!

    I notice you didn't lip the're pretty smart for a newb!
  15. CoolWater

    CoolWater Multi-Species Fanatic

    I'm hip to your evil ways Joe, LOL..

    Looks like NH is treatn you well... I lived there the summer of 1994. I did go out deep sea fishing from there (Hampton Beach area) and caught some dandy fish. At the time I wasnt really 'into' fishing (I know, what a lamo I was) and took only one picture of these two huge Bluefish I caught. Now, if I caught the same big fish I'd have like a 100 pics of each... lol...

    When I get home from work I'll track down that pic and post it here.
  16. NewbreedFishing

    NewbreedFishing High Speed Angling

    I was stationed out that way DKilla...used to striper/blue fish with my navy bro's. lots of speckled trout as well.

  17. Well if any of you familiar with them want to hand out some striper advice, I'm all ears. I'm not really into bait slinging but as of now I know sluggos are king, rocks at night. It really sucks to have to re-learn how to fish all over again (fun too though). I had all my honeyholes back home and knew exactly what to throw and when to go. Man, I'm sooooo far out of my comfort zone now. Of course I had to pick up a saltwater fly outfit to make me even more lost, but I can cast without killing anyone else or myself now. I just traded in my old yak for an ocean one too and plan on getting it set up for this weekend so I can hit the bays, rivers, and open water for some bigger fish.

    Adam, what did you live out here for? I've been here 2 months and I'm loving it. I haven't had a chance to go after any freshwater yet but there's a river close by loaded with brookies and browns. I should have my boat here for fall and landlocked salmon and lakers too. Not enough time!!
  18. Yeah I'm new to salt but I've done my research enough to know not to try that. I actually forgot my pliers that day and was nervous just unhooking it. They normally don't show up until late july around here so it was pretty cool to get one this early, and so far inland. I got real nervous once I could tell it was a blue because I had no idea where I hooked steel leader! He shredded my bait up and the line was safe.
  19. Nice catch Buddy! How are they as table fare? I've had smoked Striper before and it was excellent.
  20. I ate some in the OBX once and it was awesome. It sounds a lot like white bass in Ohio.....some love it, some say it's horrible. It is super oily though so I know it has to be fresh.

    That fish was let go to terrorize some more mackeral and herring .....