Late Mosquito report

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    Hit skeeter last Thursday. Wanted to get some of those crappie but the walleye bug took over when I got to the lake. I checked a few spots from past experience but they did not produce so I started :T and found an area that a lot of fish were holding in. I was only catching small fish so I moved to find some :B . No luck. Went back and caught some more small ones at the previous spot then decided to go drift the stumps south of the causeway. I caught gills, perch and some more small eyes. The wind died so I went back to :T and caught more small eyes. I had 2 that were pushing 16" but the rest were 12" to 14". I ended up catching 18 of those little guys. The highlight of the day was the 28" flathead I got while :T . Sure put up a very nice fight.

  2. ...Big Daddy ...I wouldn't have let him get in my boat with me...Have caught them but don't like them.....
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  3. The color on that cat is nice.
  4. mirrocraft mike

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    Nice Cat bigdaddy300
    Had to be fun reeling in that bad boy
  5. BigDaddy300

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    Thanks guys!!! It did put up a great fight. The hardest fight that I have had in awhile. ( not counting the ones with the old lady:D) Can't imagine what a big one fights like.
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    nice, it always nice to get a big fish in the boat. i hope your not going to eat that thing, yuck..
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    No! He is swimming as we speak, so are all the other fish I caught. I want to catch him again when he grows up.:D