Late December Bass

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  1. Finally got out today for a couple hours to fish a pond in Grove City and managed 4 bass. First one hit on the very first cast up by the bank and yanked it hard, jerked him right in, weighed roughly 1lb. That first fish told me they were still plenty active, and shortly after a 2lber picked up my bait and fought hard the entire way in.

    Not too much longer I feel another thump and set the hook to see a big head come up shaking out of the water, got him in...a solid 3lber! About 20 minutes later same thing, felt a nice thump, set the hook and fought another almost identically sized 3lber to the bank.

    ~9lbs with 4 fish is definitely not bad for 2 hours of december fishing, unfortunately don't have any pics. The fish were sitting in water no deeper than 3ft against the sun warmed mud/weed bottom. All fish taken on a large 7inch worm.
  2. Sound slike a slam dunk to me:) Waht color/brand of worm did you fish ? I like purple or black berkley power worms just curious what others are fishing. Thx

  3. nice job carp. wish i had the same results. :( but at least i got the bottom of my boat washed! :p
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    Nice job Matt. You can't beat small ponds this time of year if its not frozen.
  5. I went to the golf course yesterday where I do a lot of gill fishing and the bass were on fire. I was using my 10ft crappie rod fishing for gills and not only were the bass shallow so were the big gills. I would cast out let the wind blow me in front of the cat tails and if a big gill didn't get it a nice bass would. All about 30 inches down and slamming a one inch purple crappie tail from Mikes. Must of caught and released at least a dozen 15 to 18 inch fat bass. The gills were also nice but put everything back. Now just give me the ice back so I can do this with them little rods. Either way it was a good day fishing.:)
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    Great Report ...........Thanks for sharing with us !!
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    Sounds like a good day fishing.