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  1. My son and I went to LaSuAn and fished the big lake today. It was an awesome day! I lost count of the large mouth that we caught. I am serious, when I say 80 was a good estimate. Most of them being in the 10-14in range. We had many times when we both had them on at the same time. We also caught approx. 35 gills, and my son had one just over 9in. We brought home 20.

    The gills are in their spawning beds. Not sure of the water temp, because my hummingbird wasn't working. Was able to fix that when we got home. Didn't need it anyways! LOL Water was very clear also.

    Everything was caught on Rapala original #3, with the exception of about 10 bass we caught with top water poppers in the slop. We finally gave up fishing after our lines got choked up with cottonwood.:( Got to the point we couldn't cast anymore. My boy got a real thrill watching the bass hit the top of the water and smashing the lure.

    It's a day I'm sure he'll be talking about for a long time!

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    I live in the suburbs of Toledo and the white bass are slowing down on the Maumee. I was looking at taking my sons to LaSuAn or Harrison. Would you recommend LaSuAn over Harrison? We fish from the shore due to not having a boat. Thanks for any tips or specific locations.


  3. Hey RJB, we live in the toledo burbs too! I've been on sick leave after having foot surgery. Have to go back to the grind monday. I have been loving the time off with my son. We fish every chance we get.

    I would definantly try LaSuAn as a first choice. Harrison has some access near the campground, but if you are crappie fishing you need to move around and find them.

    If you can make it to LaSuAn in the next couple weeks, it should be good fishing. There are several places to fish from shore on the big lake, and on the smaller ones also. Of course if you can get a hold of a small boat, it'll be better. My son got a fish ohio gill right of the dock last year on the big lake. There is plenty of big gills over by the dike area also. I saw some huge pumpkinseeds in that area yesterday. I would suggest using the rapala's if you have them. Don't know how old your boys are, but worms and bobbers will work good also.

    We are going to try Harrison lake tomorrow, that is if the wind lets up some. I will let you know how it goes. Last sunday we caught just about all our fish near the swimming beach. If you fish there, I would use minnows under a slip bobber. The marina near the boat ramp entrance sells them.

    I hope this helps!