last weeks hunt

Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by fish4wall, Nov 5, 2007.

  1. Well was down in Jackson County all last week and only seen 5 deer!!!!! 2 of them I jumped running out to my stand. 2 I had a stand off with and one 8pt that was about 70yrds away and couldn’t call in… :(
    I told my buddies im going back to the city to kill some deer!!! Lol
    I had a ton of fun but would have been nice to shoot something.
    The high light of the trip was this guy that has been bow hunting for 20yrs got his first bow kill….nice 7pt. so that was very cool.
    i need to get some meat!!!!!! lol
  2. I spent all of this week in Jackson county. Had two encounters with a nice 8 point. Saw a couple of spikes and a 3 pt and half dozen does or so. Buddy got his first bowkill. So it was a good week. First time I saw the 8 point early in the week, he acted kind of indifferent as far as rutting behavior. This morning was a different story. Neck outstretched, nose to the ground, and moving at a good pace. Definately on a mission. Wish I was still there!