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  1. Fished the eastside the whole weekend (last). Both days started off with very slushy conditions until it burned off around 11:00. I fished with a couple other guys. We were able to catch fish in the open slots of the slush until it was gone. Everthing was caught on eggs sacks and color did not seem to matter. Here are pictures from the weekend.

    Jeff caught the biggest steehead that I have seen for a couple years.

    Same fish (check out the tail knuckle)

    Matt with a pig.

    Me with a brute that took some effort. Matt had to help me land. It required handing the pin around many tree's and busting up some side ice to drop in and land.

    Most colorful steelhead this season.

    Funny video of us having to ride down a hill in our waders (click the picture for video).
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    Thanks for the report.
    I have slide down a hill like that. :)
    Just not on purpose. :p

  3. Nice fish man i bet that was fun sliding down that hill
  4. Very nice fish you guys rock. I can't wait to get back up their.
  5. CoolWater

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    LOL, the video was great - looked like fun.

    Nice photos as well, some real nice fish.. I particularly liked the one with all the color... what a dandy... nice report, keep up the good work.
  6. Your new nickname should be the hawgblaster ;)

  7. probably but i guess the question would be how did ya get back up it!?
  8. We left another vehicle at a down stream access a few miles ;) .
  9. I slid down a hill near the rocky a few years ago the same way. Problem was that I hit a hidden root that nearly came in contact with a place that would have been very bad. A bruise on the inner thigh was a reminder not to try to do that again.