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Last weekend - BeaverCreek/Medina Lake/Rocky River

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Saw Player, Jun 25, 2007.

  1. A pretty good weekend. Spent four hours or so wading Beaver Creek on Saturday afternoon. Caught 2 nice sauger and more smallies than I can remember. The water was nice and clear and I could see the structure very well. It was just as good as I remembered it from when I used to go there with my dad 15 years ago. Seems like that area sees way less pressure than it used to. Nice relaxing and productive trip.

    Went to Medina Lake on Sunday. Caught two really nice bluegill in the lake while throwing crankbaits for bass, then went to the Rocky River and within 20 minutes I had pulled five nice smallies out of the same hole before calling it a day.

    I was disappointed with the lake. I'm more of a river man anyway, but I figured I'd give it a shot. The Rocky River seems real nice through there. Will definitely be going back and sticking to the river. I'm also gonna check out the other Medina county metroparks. Seems like they have a lot to offer.

    Oh, and I saw a TON of snakes in the rocks on the shore of the lake. Be careful out there.

    As always, all fish caught & released.
  2. Saw Player
    What were you using at the Rock ?? Have had trouble catching Bass there this year.

  3. Nice job. I can't figure out Beavercreek this year. What section were you fishing and what were you using?
  4. I've fished Medina Lake many times. Using a buzz bait, I was able to get some nice fish to follow the bait to shore every time. Never caught anything and couldn't identify the species of fish. So, there are nice fish in the lake, just wish I knew what they were and how to catch them.
  5. For smallies no matter where I am, my go to lure is a 1/4 oz (i think) "custom" rooster tail with a silver blade. I say custom because I kept a white rooster tail in a plastic bag with another tail with a red skirt and left it on the dash in my truck. Now it's got light red streaks in it. This catches fish almost every time, and it's big enough to keep chubs away which is the one thing I hate about using inline spinners. Chubs love those things. The only thing I don't like about it is I always have to fight with it to keep the blade spinning. I use the el cheapo brand. I'm sure the more expensive ones work better. You might also wanna try a big O. Once I've tried both of those lures and still haven't had any luck I start trying other things.

    At Beaver Creek, I parked near to the group camp area and followed the horseman's trail downstream until it crossed to the creek and started fishing from there. Started catching fish right away.
  6. If I could help you I would but I have no idea. I saw a lot of panfish feeding on the top there. Not sure exactly what kind they were. I heard it was a good bass lake. Most people there seemed to be fishing with kids using bobbers. I didn't see anybody catching anything except what looked like bluegill from where I was.

    If it's bass yer after, you might try Spencer Lake. I spent a lot of time working the west shore on the south side of the lake in my canoe last year. You can access the stumps through there from the shore. Take a buzzbait. You should have more luck there. I'm no expert or anything though, so don't take my advice too seriously. That's just what worked for me last year.
  7. I plan on hitting Spencer soon. Been lucky enough to have occasional access to a private lake that blows all public lakes "out of the water". :D

    As for Medina Lake, I'm guessing these decent size fish may have been Smallies, Walleye, or Lake Trout. Whatever they are, I've never been able to catch one.
  9. Yeah. Saw a couple 5 pounders pulled out of that private lake Saturday. Supposedly there's at least one 10 pounder in there! :B

    Sorry, can't give up the location. Don't want to lose my priviledges.
  10. No, that's no problem. I wouldn't expect you to!
  11. Lake trout = no. Too warm. We would catch rainbows in the river near the lake when the medina trout hatchery was operating upstream - especially after a rain.

    Walleye = probably not. Some were stocked a long time ago. A few might be still around. The lake isn't too deep, so they would be limited to old ones from the previous stockings.

    Bass = could be. Some nice ones in there, but I have never witnessed great numbers. Have been all over that lake in a canoe but never marked much.

    Carp (common/grass) = probably. Enough of those big guys around.

    Others = Some nice bluegill in there if you can find them. Have also caught some nice ones in the river below the lake as well when it isn't too low. Tons of cigar perch in there. Caught them by the hundreds thru the ice. None were close to filet size. There were some nice crappie in there many years ago. Don't know if the perch are putting a dent into their food supply.