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November 11th. I got to the ramp at 10:00, tried to net some bait but nothing was there. Motor finally kicked over and on the river at 10:15. There was a down river wind and current, water temp was 59 degrees.

I headed up river to the deep water for my first spot. Had 2 rods our dead line while I was getting the third rod; rigged with hooks and sinker. I was just about finished when my outside rod got hammered. It got hit hard again; I believed the circle hook did the job. So I went and pulled the line slowly nothing there! The shrimp was cleaned off the hook. I was going to re-bait the other rod when I discovered it was snagged. I then cast the third rod out and fished for 30 minutes more. I had to brake off the line on the snagged rod then headed back down river.

11:30 the wind was blowing harder as I tried to setup at the 2nd spot. I dropped my front anchor thought it held. I got 2 lines out and noticed the anchor was not holding so the boat was drifting. I had to get the lines in and start the motor to get the boat back to the spot I wanted. I finally gave up after the anchor did not hold the second time.

Went back up river to the Ohio side a short distance at around noon. The wind was getting very strong and I put out both anchors to finally have the boat secure. I did get 3 taps on chicken liver but no hard bites 12:45 I packed it in and head to the ramp and home. I believe this was the final catfishing trip for this year. Last 2 trips, no fish in the boat and did not mark many fish either.
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