Last Flathead!

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  1. This post is a bit late, as I'm laid up recovering from my 4th knee surgery on Thursday. Seems arthritis is kickin' my behind, and this is just to postpone a double knee replacement. Had all of the pre-op stuff on Tuesday, and when I got home, Kevin had the car packed and bucket full of gills, chubs, shiners, and goldfish. The half-mile walk to "the hole" on the GMR took forever, but we were in the water by 5:00. At 5:10, Kevin picked up a screaming run on a frozen bluegill, yielding a 35-lb shovelhead at 41 inches long, which I masterfully lipped for him as our net has a big hole.


    Not much action until around 8:00, and then I got a turn - an 11-lb 6-oz flathead on live bluegill.


    A light rain started, and since the rocks get pretty slick, we decided to pack it in. I didn't feel the walk back to the car at all. It was really good to have a nice night to hang it up on this year.

    Hope you all are catching this fall.
  2. Talk about ending on a high note!! :D Those two fish just might make the winter months go by a little faster!

  3. Fishman

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    Wow, what a nice fish, congrats!
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    Very nice flatheads !!!.Hey, good luck with your surgery ;) Check in and tell us all how you are doing.. Thanks for the thread.......... THE CATKING !!!
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    Looks like you had a good time despite the pain.

    Flathead always make me feel better :D
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    Great way to end the season, next year should be even better, good luck with the surgery.......Doc
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    Nice cats there. Good luck with the knee surgery!
  8. Gorgeous flatties and great pictures. Good luck on the knee surgery.
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    Beautifull fish, I enjoy reading your post, just wish you would visit more often!
  10. Nice fish and pics :)
  11. I had my first physical therapy yesterday, and I seem to be doing better than expected. Didn't lose as much muscle mass as the last time due to getting to surgery quicker. I'll be on crutches for about 3 1/2 to 4 months, and non-weightbearing for the first two months of that. Pain in the knee is tolerable, as I have not had to take the narcotics prescribed, which is a big help in just feeling human.

    I keep thinking that I'm just getting wimpy in my old age, but the doc tells me this a very real condition that is degenerating my joints. I just asked him to get me back to where I can keep up with a 19-year old on these excursions, traipsing the woods and climbing down billy-goat slopes to find bait and nice fish. When this knee is done, we go to work on the shoulders, which are fighting with the crutches. Back and hips have to wait their turn.

    Keep an eye out on the marketplace forum, as I will be selling the boat. I hate to lose it, but I physically can't handle launching and trailering, nor the pounding of wake from a few idiot boaters in the Cincinnati area. With my son's college schedule, we can't get any good days out on the Ohio (none this year), and I hate to see the boat just sit in the garage.

    Thoughts of new fish in the late spring will keep me on course this winter. I really enjoy reading the posts on OGF, as everyone is eager and willing to share their collective knowledge, and tell some tales at the same time. Good bunch of folks! Thanks again.